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  1. Site URL: https://abba.squarespace.com/gallery Hello my friends, I have a large image gallery of over 100 images. Each image is in a separate code block; arranged in a 3 by 3 grid. Can I even them out somehow? I'm hoping it will do that naturally when I add titles and the "add to cart" button under each. Obviously I would prefer a standard photo gallery, but this is the only way I can incorporate my external ZOOM script with an add to cart option under each picture. It's a bummer, but I'm really hoping I can do one sweeping line of code to level / even out all my code blocks. Here is how it looks: https://abba.squarespace.com/gallery PASSWORD: square
  2. Site URL: https://abba.squarespace.com/gallery After many months of trial and error, I finally figured out a way to build my own unique gallery / store page. It's as follows (picture attached) Text block for title Code block for image (linked to a zoom script I purchased) Product block (just for the add to cart option) I'm going to try and host all of my 100 images as custom images, and link to each individual image via code. It's gonna take some TIME. Is hosting each image file on squarespace a bad idea? I can't figure out any other way. Other image hosting sites are sluggish and the faster ones cost money I don't have. Is there a way to bulk upload my images to the custom files? One at a time is going to add a ton of work to A TON of work. Hope this is clear and that someone could help me.
  3. @bangank36 Do you know if there is a way to display the item description under the old gallery blocks? The HTML option works great on the new galleries, but I REALLY want to show the description on the old style grid galleries... Once that is done, my site should be good to share!
  4. Thanks! It sure does! Now technically couldn't I target the 7.0 style galleries at the top of the page and give some sort of CSS command to show meta data under the title? This HTML is a GREAT solution for the 7.1 style gallery, but I like the 7.0 style galleries at the top of the page because they fit under tabs that I have created. Either way you've helped me so much! Thank you for the kind words!
  5. Wow this could actually work! I'm wondering how to fix the enormous amount of padding that it's adding below the image...
  6. Site URL: http://www.abba.squarespace.com/gallery Here is my page in question... it's still in sandbox mode 🙂 http://www.abba.squarespace.com/gallery I hope someone out there can follow this 🙂 I'm using a plugin that allows for image galleries to be used as blocks in 7.1. It uses the 7.0 style galleries when using them as blocks. In other-words, I have access to both so I'm flexible if theres a solution. I'm using an external zoom script for my galleries to hover on zoom and click for full screen so I can't use a click through link. What I'd like to do, is take the the gallery section of my site, and combine an option to add each item to the cart. The only thing I can think is to find a way to show gallery description with a clickable link, OR use a 7.1 gallery and find a way to make the TITLE a link. I know about summaries, but they show only a thumbnail and if you see my site, you'll quickly see why the artwork needs a hirez picture. Can someone out there please help!
  7. This worked but not on the item once it's clicked. What about once you click the product, how do you change the title there?
  8. Man now that I see you online, do you know how I can change the font of my store items to a custom font I uploaded to sqqaure space? I tried doing it with the header and it worked, but it's not doing it for store items.
  9. Site URL: http://www.abba.squarespace.com/yes-sw2xn Hiya, I'm still building my site so no worries about a password. I need to add a "next" and "previous" button to the store items page. I'd like it across from the cookie crumbs navigation. I'm building this for my dad's art page and we want people to keep viewing products without interruption. http://abba.squarespace.com/yes-sw2xn
  10. How do I add a "Next" and "Previous" button in the first place? I can't figure out if it comes with my site version or not. That would be SO helpful
  11. Yes I did via they developers of my zoom product. It was something they changed in the Java Script that bypasses squarespace image constraints. It's ZOOM TIME for days on my site now :))))
  12. Site URL: https://abba.squarespace.com/shop/p/jci39sfpv88d44uf37gjhfygwwu4du-264j3 This is my first post. Thank you in advance for helping me 🙂 I'm rebuilding my father's fine art website. We are integrating an external zoom feature (magiczoomplus) so that visitors can really dive into his art. I've come to the conclusion that in order to properly take advantage of our external zoom feature, I need to tell our product pages to ignore square's image size restraints. How can I do that? IN OTHER WORDS << 1.) It's currently zooming only a little bit -- AS SEEN HERE 2.) I want it to zoom like the original file I uploaded -- AS SEEN HERE (once it loads, click the image and will zoom BEAUTIFULLY) How Do I bypass the image size restraints on the product pages? Squarespace Version 7.1 --- Template: Hester REALLY hoping someone can help. Perhaps it's a tiny little line of CSS. Thank you deeply! -Elijah www.elijahaaron.com
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