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  1. You only need one style element per page and instead of using protocol URLs, use protocol-relative URLs (that is: drop the http). Also – code always looks better and is easier to follow when it’s nested nicely: <style> #about { background-image: url(//static1.squarespace.com/static/55525aaae4b03147c4b943df/t/5558bacce4b01c8e63a70f6c/1431878348238/pinkbg.jpg); } #team { background-image: url(//static1.squarespace.com/static/55525aaae4b03147c4b943df/t/5558c3fce4b086d6f584a4eb/1431880700909/bluebg.jpg); } #product { background-image: url(//static1.squarespace.com/static/55525aaae4b0314
  2. How to create a rollover/hover image title?
  3. Could this be expanded to work with other platforms, to identify WordPress themes for instance?
  4. @SOIN, is that a delay in the window or tab opening? Could you post a link to a page that shows this?
  5. They’re saying that every time the page is viewed, the YUI IDs change, so you can’t use those to target an element on the page.
  6. I’ve formatted the code in your answer. To format code, just highlight the lines of code and use the 5th button in the toolbar:
  7. @SOIN – EmBee has two blocks of CSS, I just combined the separate answers together. If you want to make use of both, just paste both lots into the CSS Editor.
  8. cotupha has placed the instructions in the GitHub repository: Squarespace Installation
  9. You should see this: Have a look at Creating a Text Link.
  10. @EmBee – I’ve joined your two answers together. For the first block of CSS, I’ve made a slight change too – using the Less syntax makes for less repetitive CSS, this uses simple nested rules. And I’ve formatted the code. To format code, just highlight the lines of code and use the 5th button in the toolbar:
  11. @LogoDesign – please don’ bother spamming this site!
  12. @cstine – I’ve formatted the code in your answer – the HTML was getting mangled by this site. To format code, just highlight the lines of code and use the 5th button in the toolbar:
  13. @Jordaniels1 – near the end there’s this line: window.location = "http://www.something.com/destinationpage"; Just change that URL to whatever you would like.
  14. Glad I could help – it’d be handy if Squarespace could somehow show an error and how to get around it, eh!
  15. @Simon_S This and the original question from @turansky may well come down to viewing the site over an https connection with content coming from an insecure, http source. I can’t see my custom code while logged into my site. Why is that?
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