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  1. Thanks to all who have looked and responded to this thread. We’re having a related issue, the add to cart button is popping up on the top of all our pages and I can’t get it to disappear. Our site is: www.newelldesignstudio.com. I’ve tried the code injection that others have posted in the header area but it doesn’t work. Any help? Thanks!
  2. thanks. I will. So I know, what's the reasoning for that vs. the code injector.
  3. You can add it directly in the product configuration advanced tab.You my friend totally rock! Thanks for the comment on the Reve console.
  4. Thanks! Well done that totally works! Is there a similar solution to hide the price when they go to the shop gallery for individual product? I know how to do it in the main shop gallery using the style editor, but on the individual product page price still shows up. https://jeff-newell.squarespace.com/shop/2n095uxmmdwz7gb6yiqcmtti1hjbxl
  5. We’d like to use the Squarespace store area as a more sophisticated way to display our product than the gallery areas offer. But we don’t want to show pricing or offer for immediate sale, so the price add to cart and quantity fields are not wanted. How do we remove them?
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