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  1. @rwp I tried my best to follow the instructions and free code you kindly provided, but it did not work for me. This must be because I have Version 7.0? Here's a screenshot of the code I'm using.
  2. @rwp Thanks for the reply! 🙂 Just checked. Version is 7.0 Updated my original comment. @tuanphan Thank you
  3. @Yoline, I am having the same problem. I agree, it's annoying to have the page reload to the top each time a category is chosen. I want my customers to easily switch between categories without having to scroll down from the top of the page each time. Have you found an answer by contacting Squarespace support? Or have you privately emailed/messaged any of the community developers? I'm surprised this question hasn't been asked and answered before. I will contact Squarespace support when they are available. But I will directly ask some of the community developers... @tuanphan @rwp
  4. dsnvee Your code was the only one that worked for me! Thank you.
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