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  1. My banner background images are all f*&#$@ up too!! What happened?!??!
  2. @Amraal555 I don't think I have access to edit the html, so is there a way I could do it with css?
  3. Site URL: https://harp-robin-fsew.squarespace.com I want the 2 buttons to be at the top of my mobile nav, above the regular navigation links. Anybody know how to change the order? PW: hello
  4. @creedon It was more complicated than I'm used to but it appears to be working now! Thanks a lot.
  5. I already got the buttons to show up, I just want them to both be on the right side of the nav.
  6. @tuanphan I just want to get the 2 orange buttons over on the right side of the nav and copy their styles (hover etc) if possible. https://harp-robin-fsew.squarespace.com/ PW: hello
  7. @tuanphan Is there a way to make the two orange outlined buttons on my site go side-by-side on the right of the nav like the image I'm attaching? I used the code from https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/9thnk3tg to get started with the double nav buttons. Also is there a way to copy the exact style of the dominant button (the one that says Book and Appointment) so that the Telemedicine button looks the same, without having to manually tweak the css to try and match it? You can see I didn't do a perfect job of matching the style with my CSS. I want to make sure both buttons are styled the same for mobile, desktop etc. https://harp-robin-fsew.squarespace.com/ PW: hello
  8. Site URL: https://elephant-goldfish-3sfs.squarespace.com/blog/jaimin-and-chris I want to add an image behind the nav on my blog posts. I don't want it to be white, while the rest of the site has nice image backgrounds! Can anyone help me figure this out please? https://elephant-goldfish-3sfs.squarespace.com/blog/jaimin-and-chris PW: trillium I want it to look like this image:
  9. Sadly, we decided to disable cookies on the site to avoid the risks since I found no clear way for visitors to opt in or out... The lawyer didn't make it sound too good if we get in trouble. Client doesn't want any chances of being sued. Let me know if you find out how to do this please! P.S. Squarespace is really falling behind the competition with this lack of options for cookies, lack of calculated international shipping options, and required MANUAL entry of tax data for each state or place... I'm really getting sick of all the bad news I keep getting every step of the way just to set up a commerce website. So frustrating since this is what they promote themselves to make sooooo simple and easy... NOT. smh.
  10. @NikHutch I think so... but I also want to know.. I heard something about this before. Hoping someone can answer with confidence. Why is this so tricky!?
  11. Is it possible to give a person the choice to decline cookies in the banner? My client wants there to be a yes/no button for cookie usage. Has anyone figured out anything like this yet? My understanding is that if I "Disable Squarespace Analytics Cookies" then cookies will not be used unless the person "x's" the popup... is that the only solution for this?
  12. I got it from someone on fiverr in case anyone else wants to do it, here's the code: section.ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-checkout { display: flex; flex-flow: column; } .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-excerpt { order: 1 !important; } .ProductItem-details .product-variants { order: 2 !important; } .ProductItem .ProductItem-details .product-quantity-input { order: 3 !important; } .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-product-price { order: 4 !important; } .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { order: 5 !important; } .ProductItem .ProductItem-additional { order: 6 !important; }
  13. Site URL: https://platinum-polygon-p4he.squarespace.com/shop/kali%C2%A0 I want to move the Price down so it is above the Quantity in Squarespace 7.1.. I found some other code for the old version of Squarespace but it is not working for me. Please help! Here's my site: https://platinum-polygon-p4he.squarespace.com/shop/kali PW: omshala
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