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What was your most exciting milestone as a website owner?

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Launching a website is an ongoing process and it’s important to celebrate the victories, no matter how big or small! 

We want to know what milestones you’ve hit. Did you:

  • Write your first blog post? 
  • Update your custom logo?
  • Land on the perfect color palette?
  • Increase your social media following? 
  • Sell your first product?
  • Send out your first email campaign?
  • Something else?

Let us know what milestone(s) you’re proud of! And looking ahead, what milestones do you hope to hit in the near future?


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My main goal: Have 1000 recurring customers

In my early days I thought starting the business itself was the hard part, but now recently starting my third company I know that's not the case. What's the real hard part: Selling and getting customers. Having 1000 recurring customers involves both of that. 

To keep motivation, I have split my main goal into smaller ones and there are currently two milestones I have reached that I'm proud of to have executed:

  1. Making the product itself (it was hard).
  2. I recently started to get my first recurring customers (I made something that people like).

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark Plugin

Spark Plugin – Add 100+ designs to your site, without code

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