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Found 16 results

  1. Launching a website is an ongoing process and it’s important to celebrate the victories, no matter how big or small! We want to know what milestones you’ve hit. Did you: Write your first blog post? Update your custom logo? Land on the perfect color palette? Increase your social media following? Sell your first product? Send out your first email campaign? Something else? Let us know what milestone(s) you’re proud of! And looking ahead, what milestones do you hope to hit in the near future?
  2. Site URL: https://www.jchancecolors.com/ Hi there everyone! I've had my website for a few years now, and I'm really trying to optimize it for mobile. I noticed on PC/Mac, that on my website there's a little arrow that'll take you from one project on my website to the next. However, no such button exists on Mobile. This makes scrolling through my projects more of a chore. Is there a way of adding the Arrow button on mobile? Attached is the picture on the left on the Arrow button I'm referring to. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi friends Super simple—just trying to find a blank template but can't for the life of me. Is it a matter of choosing any template and just deleting everything? or... Thanks!
  4. i havent built a site yet... i have one planned www.StreamDeckIcons.com i want to use a kind of forum, for people to make and upload their own StreamDeckIcon packs, to share them. not worried about space, Icon Packs are small, not like it has a huge following yet. i love my stream deck, from elgato. I use it for launching programs, renaming files, powering my photoshop, gaming, particularly for gaming.. i can create a keyboard with Icons for the keys, and when i hit them, they actually do what i want... it is epic i want to share my icon packs with ithers, and i want other to be able to share their Icon packs with others. but i cant find any forum software to use, i'm not selling anything, and i am lost. so what would you advise? i can do the graphix, NO problem. just kind of clumsily stumbling through pages isnt my thing... i am used to using microsoft office to make websites and stuff... dont even know where to begin with that either, as i have never done a forum.
  5. Hello there, before I get much deeper trying to design my site can someone please tell me if there is a way to allow visitors to my site to post products to sell? Would this be a commerce function or something else? Along the same lines of like Etsy or Fiverr, hopefully you get my drift. Thanks in advance xo katie
  6. My organisation is planning to transfer our website to squarespace. I have read through the pages about transferring the domain, but I have a few questions. We were hoping to create the new website on squarespace and once it was ready, transfer the domain from the old website. Will we have to build the new website on squarespace during the 14 day free trial? The old website is still active and using our domain, and we want to leave it that way until we are ready to switch so that the website isn't down for weeks at a time. Does anyone have any advice for the best way to handle this switch?
  7. So I'm a noob so be gentle. I have a couple of questions. First of all, I have a website that I hate. Looking to redesign. I'm okay design wise and have a vision but very not smart about hosting and all that jazz. I am currently hosted by host gator and have a domain registered through them. They're ok, but they strongly recommended I use Wordpress. I HATE Wordpress with a passion because it's not intuitive at all. So first question, how does Square Space rate in terms of ease of use? Second question is, can I still use host gator or do I need a different hosting service?
  8. Hi, I opened my account and paid for the plan. To test I loaded one of the free templates and named it the same as the site "Beyond the Dress." Then I found a third party template and purchased it. They installed it but under the billing name as a new website. I want to delete the free template version, but don't have that option on the dropdown. Then I want to rename the purchased site. I've attached a screen of my dashboard and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you
  9. Hello, I'm trying to "get started" with the base template as per instructions on https://developers.squarespace.com/get-started After installing the dependencies and the local dev server I try to run: npm run start:auth I am not able to log in via the command line. It seems to be the command `squarespace setup` that is failing. The script is POSTing a login request to https://www.squarespace.com/api/auth/Login?crumb=undefined But the resource is returning a 404 which means I cannot log in. Is this a known error? It seems to be a problem with the Auth API and not the base template or the scripts there. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi I'm trying to build a site for a small county and have a few specific requirements and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on if it would be possible to custom build a site like this through SquareSpace with maybe SquareSpace Developer? The county wants a page where they can put new county information and news up but also has a focus on commerce, they would like to grant county business owners to a page on the site, without having access to the rest of the site. The business owners are not super tech savvy so they are looking for a solution in which the business owners may just have to fill out a form with their business information to automate edits to their page, as well as pull information from their Yelp profile or their personal websites.
  11. Decided to have a look at Squarespace as a possible option / alternative for Wix or Shopify. I simple cannot get the trial edit to start. Using Mac, Chrome, Safari ..all up-to-date. Tried clearing cache, extensions and confirmed that Java Script was running. I signed in using my Apple log on, all good. Followed the steps to choose a site template. Nothing, Nada, Zilch... I simply cannot progress past the selection of a template. Can anyone help? I cannot think of any other reasons why both Safari and Chrome refuse to let me in. *tearing hair out*
  12. How can I add a picture right under the title and before the body text of a blog post?
  13. I have started a free trail with square space, i wanted to chooses a template but every time i click on "get started with ... template" the website dose not do anything apart from take me up to the top of the screen and then i cant scroll down again. I have also tried previewing the site the choosing "start with this template" and nothing happens. help would be appreciated, thanks
  14. Site URL: https://www.sweetescape.com Hello everyone I just wondering about can i made a website on squarespace exactly same layout as Sweetescape website? I want to move the website into squarespace. Thank you
  15. Hello and welcome to Squarespace! Are you interested in building a website, or recently started your Squarespace site and would like guidance on setting it up? The Squarespace Community team invites you to join us for one of our weekly Getting Started with Squarespace webinars. In this expert-led webinar, you'll learn the basics of setting up your site and get comfortable with Squarespace's fundamental tools. During the webinar, you'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have with our team standing by to assist! The webinar is free, yet space is limited. Register now to secure your seat: Sign me up As a note, these webinars are for the latest version of the platform, version 7.1. For those on our legacy platform, version 7.0, we offer a separate session on demand. To learn which version your site is on, see our guide: What's my site's template and version? We'll see you there!
  16. Contact Us just sends in endless loops.No LiveChat icon.I can not edit my website. I log in any get a blank screen.I am very frustrated.Please tell me how to get some help for this?Thank you.
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