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HI guys, I just noticed that on my e-commerce store non of the subscriptions have a feature to add more than one quantity. This is a huge feature that should be added, my customers can't purchase more than one subscriptions at a time. This is a huge disadvantage., has anyone had any work around ? I can have customer log back in and subscribe again, however once the same dollar amount is added to the credit card it gets declined as the bank figures its a duplicate transaction. Help!!

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I'm with you. I'm new to Squarespace but can't seem to figure out how to get the benefit of a recurring payment through a subscription model AND allow people to order multiples (of different products, not variants) without going through the check-out process more than once. Seems that subscriptions and carts aren't compatible? I'm looking for a plug-in and/or work around, so if anything turns up, I'll let you know. 

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This is a known limitation of subscription products. When a customer clicks Subscribe, they’re taken to Express Checkout, where they confirm the order; they cannot add other products to the order. 

You may want to contact Customer Care to raise a feature request regarding this. 

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Agree... I also need my customers to have the ability to select quantity on subscriptions.
I would also like the ability to have all subscriptions kick off on a set day. For example, a customer can choose once a month or twice a month and all orders would come to me on the first and 15th of the month. 

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PLEASE squarespace get with the times about subscription quantities and more options for customization. Ridiculous I have to create so many of the same product just to increase quantities. 
example; 1 coffee bag subscription = 1 product, 2 coffee bags subscription = another product, ; 3 coffee bag subscription = another product.... you get the idea- ridiculous 

AND not to mention there’s no possibility to add variants like 1 medium roast whole bean + 1 dark roast ground, for example. 
when will this be fixed???? 

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Is there any word on if this feature was added. I am looking almost a year later and this option is still not available. 

What I did for a temp fix was going to Pricing and Variants and adding a variant for quantity. I had to add and change the price for each quantity, but it provided the dropdown menu. Instead of quantity I change mine to Seats. Luckily we only do a total of 10 Seats.

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Added a temp fix
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2 minutes ago, Susana_SQSP said:

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for the valuable input! For any feedback that you would like to be logged, contacting our Customer Support team would be the best approach. As per section 6 of the forum guidelines we don't track feature requests in this forum. 

It's a very weird policy this one, or is it more of a disclaimer that you might actually look every so often but are not guaranteeing it?  My advice would be for SS to find a way to create a features tracker that people can submit, who knows how many feature and enhancements you are missing because you don't have this.

For this particular thread you always need to test and check functionality on systems fully before buying into them, otherwise you can find yourself out of luck trying to customize it. Even if the features might seem important or missed the owner company might have different goals to diversify their product offering which take precedence.





Don't you think that is a nuts thing to say

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always thought it very strange that Squarespace has the policy of not tracking feature requests in this forum when in fact, it's a hotbed of requests because it's where existing paying customers, and potential customers go. how hard is it to put one or two of their people here to monitor feature requests and put together a list to review on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis? many features have been requested (begged for) for years and they have not been addressed at all, it's ridiculous. and the recently launched Members Area -- i can't help but think is a half-baked product. i look at what they charge for it and heck, i'd never pay to use it after seeing here in the forums what many of those who signed up to use it are encountering issues after issues. i mean...GEEZ!

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I'm also having a problem with subscriptions -- in this case, to digital publications. I have 7 monthly reports, all sold by subscription. SquareSpace support recommended setting up a separate, password-protected members' area for each report. That creates a very awkward user experience, to say the least.

Plus, SquareSpace charges more money when there are multiple members' areas...so I'm paying all this money, and the solution still doesn't work. I blamed myself, but I see that others are also having problems with members' areas and subscriptions, so maybe I'm not at fault.

Is anyone having success setting up subscriptions to digital publications? 


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Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I am feeling very frustrated as it seems so straight forward. I probably wouldn't have built my site with SP if I had known it would be so complicated. The subscription upgrade via the commerce subscription does not even seem worth the extra money. If anyone has a suggestion or an external plugin that could be added in to a squarespace page that would be super helpful.

What i am needing to do for my client:
- Wanting to create a weekly membership option on their online shop which allows customers to add in custom quantities of each product (they vary in price) and create a custom order that can be set up as a weekly payment and delivery. Ideally if they wanted to change this then they could easily do so too. 

Eg. 1xRadish(20.00 per unit), 2xSnowpea (22.00 per unit), 1xBroccoli (25.00 per unit)
= $89.00 weekly subscription 

I have spent hours researching and it just doesn't seem possible but I am really hoping someone has some sort of suggestion otherwise I guess the next best option is various subscriptions with a set price and X amount of products within the price range.

Thank you!

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