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  1. ahh, that's a bummer. i have only tried duplicating non-product pages with forms in them, but the forms were short and don't have a lot of fields! wish there is a way to save forms that you can insert instead of starting from scratch each time.
  2. Duplicate the product that has the custom form and then edit the copy. I think that's the quickest/easiest way. Just change product title, product photo, description, and product URL. Then edit the custom form.
  3. No. There is no mention of this in Squarespace features and pricing pages.
  4. unfortunately, Squarespace is so behind on this. I use MoonClerk for my subscription based physical products and it's been working awesomely.
  5. yeah, that would be variants -- and that's not possible for digital products in Squarespace.
  6. you can't assign variants for digital products. you will have to create separate digital products for each format for different machines.
  7. their subscription feature was one of the things that made me make the switch to Squarespace but i quickly found out that this feature was utterly lacking. i use MoonClerk to manage my subscriptions and it works great -- i can update customer information, skip or pause subscriptions, even adjust the frequency. it's also easy to see when each subscriber is going to be charged. Squarespace's subscription feature is a joke and it boggles the mind why they would offer such a flawed product and why, after all this time, they haven't done anything to fix it because it's shortcomings have been pointed out to them so many times by so many people.
  8. the only thing that subscribers can manage is their payment method, e.g., credit card, associated with their subscriptions. i know this because i am subscribed to a small business that uses Squarespace's subscription feature for their boxes. oh, and i can cancel my subscription but that's about it. i can't change the frequency, can't customize my box, or anything like that. if you're looking for more features, Squarespace doesn't have it. you'd be better off using a third-party subscription service like Member Space or MoonClerk. also, if you won't be able to manage your Squarespace subscribers because there's no Subscription Dashboard - you'll have to keep track of your subscribers separately.
  9. if you say you have done it in the past, then wouldn't it make sense that you try to replicate it based on your experience? Paypal and Stripe are the only payment processors that can be integrated with Squarespace - it's built in the Commerce plan. it's also in the documentation -- please read the help files. you can also verify this with Squarespace customer support -- open a chat with them regarding this.
  10. the free postage (shipping i assume) will disappear as soon as your customer puts in the discount. because your free postage offer kicks in when your customer pays $100. if they put in a voucher that takes $100 off, then they will have to pay whatever shipping rate you set for orders under $100. if you know beforehand which of your customers are using the government-issued voucher, you can give them a a free shipping code they can use one-time together with their voucher (set for any order instead of a minimum of $100).
  11. Stripe and Paypal are the only payment processors that can be used on Squarespace Commerce. If you want to use another payment processor, you'll have to manually create buttons and transactions are processed outside of Squarespace and therefore will not be reflected on Commerce -> Orders
  12. it sure would be nice if a shipping option is un-selected by default, right? this would force customers to really pay attention to shipping, especially if there are several options. it's ironic that the commerce part of Squarespace has so many limitations that those limitations can significantly affect the success of one's Squarespace store.
  13. i don't use mailchimp so i don't have an answer to your question BUT i would change the screenshot you originally posted and swap it with one with the email addresses blurred, as displaying them on a public forum violates their privacy. plus there are many scammers/spammers that troll this forum on a daily basis and they can easily copy those email addresses and start spamming your customers.
  14. there are TONS of problems and feature requests here that have gone unresolved or not addressed for years. it's very frustrating that Squarespace is so slow or not responsive at all in addressing many crucial e-commerce issues.
  15. you need to open a support ticket and submit these feature requests. Squarespace does not monitor (nor do they take an accounting of) feature requests here.
  16. Compared to Shopify, Squarespace is lightweight in terms of e-commerce features. So no, there's no insurance feature on Squarespace.
  17. the checkout page is locked. you cannot modify it (e.g., include add-on items).
  18. yeah, you will often see people here (including me sometimes) say to create a ticket with customer care about the features you want added -- because that's what SQSP says is the "official" way to make requests. however, they will tell you they don't guarantee your requests will be implemented. to be honest, i think it's all lip service because i've yet to see them really listen to their customers, especially to their existing/paying ones. you'll find many requests dating back YEARS and they've been ignored. i've never come across a more unresponsive company than Squarespace.
  19. i'm wondering -- did Squarespace not beta test the Members Area before they released it in the wild? it's obviously lacking a number of basic features one would expect from a membership area.
  20. Squarespace's subscription feature is SEVERELY lacking. quite frankly, i don't know how they could even continue offering this feature when it so obviously incomplete...and continually ignore their paying customers' requests after having identified where the feature falls short. it's unbelievable how unresponsive they are and incredibly slow to implement features that their customers have been begging for for years. i have been using MoonClerk to manage my subscriptions - super easy! and if you have existing subscribers whose recurring price you want to change (like lower), you would simply need to find their name/email address under the Plan tab and click on edit. no need to make them cancel their current subscriptions.
  21. you need to change your default country to Sweden. to do this, go to Commerce -> Checkout and then scroll down to DEFAULT COUNTRY IN ADDRESS FIELDS and choose Sweden. after that it should show shipping costs in your country.
  22. you need to log this as a feature request by creating a ticket. Squarespace doesn't monitor this forum, per their rules, for feature requests.
  23. go to Commerce and at the far right, beside Export, click on VIEW GIFT CARDS and yes, the code is entered in the "discount" box at checkout OR at the Payment step -- there will be a spot there to enter the gift card code:
  24. i went to your site and added a product to the cart. here's a screenshot with the field for putting in the expiry date shown. so it's clearly there.
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