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  1. Hello, Yes sorry i just put it offline because we are about to publish. Now you should be able to see it. Thanks for helping!
  2. Hello, I chose the design for my blog summary to only show the category. However, it is not well centered at all ? Best option : I would like the category to go ON the image, centered at the bottom. Second option : at least to make it well centered, and without the white background. Can anyone help with that ? link : https://blenny-blue-6prx.squarespace.com/join-the-fam password : password1234
  3. Any idea for my main query here (beginning of post) for the floating card ?
  4. I added it at the end of my CSS. I now tried to add it at the top and it works. Not sure why but thanks !
  5. Unfortunately this did not work, sorry ! i also tried these : h1.entry-title { display: none !important; } .blog-item-title h1 { display: none !important; } Even if I try just changing the font-family, it doesn't target it.
  6. Hello, This is the "blog" https://blenny-blue-6prx.squarespace.com/locations This is an "article" : https://blenny-blue-6prx.squarespace.com/list-locations/cimdix-2ws34-nmlnc (the one I worked on design wise. BTW I have been trying to hide or change font title unsuccessfully) Thanks for helping !
  7. Hello, I tried using .header-nav-folder-content { background: transparent !important; } But it doesn't work. Maybe it has changed in 7.1 ? My website is : https://www.fcknyefestival.com
  8. Still not changing anything ! I don't understand how it is possible really.
  9. Another possibility would be to target the already existing title to change the font and center it, instead of trying to hide it. But i encounter the same issue into finding the correct selector / id
  10. Hello, yes you can see it right here on the left. I have used code already on several other websites. I tried using codes that already worked in the others but here for the title and next item it doesn't do anything !
  11. Hello Melody, Unfortunately these didn't work ! I had tried as well to add !important to no avail. Any other idea / selectors ? 😩
  12. Hello, I am trying to hide the blog title and next article in the blog posts. I tried the following CSS : /*Hide view next post in blog*/ .item-pagination { display:none !important; } //hide tags at botton of blog posts .blog-meta-item--tags { display: none; font-family: 'EXPOSURE'; } //change blog title font within blog post .blog-item-title h1 { display: none; font-family: 'EXPOSURE'; } https://blenny-blue-6prx.squarespace.com/blog-locations/cimdix-2ws34-nmlnc password : password 1234 Thanks in advance ! Priscillia
  13. https://restaurants.fiveguys.be/fr_be/city-2-mall;-units-n13-and-m10 Hello, I'm trying to build a blog page section like this one on my website. How to target one section on a blog ? (to add background etc) is it possible ? How to make those button-like payments infos ? Exemple of a blog page under construction: https://blenny-blue-6prx.squarespace.com/blog-locations/cimdix-2ws34-nmlnc password : password1234 Thanks !
  14. Hello, How can I hide the overlay under my fixed header when I scroll down ? website : https://www.flashetfourchette.com/about (easier to see it on that page) Thanks !
  15. Hello, How can I put the meta (here is category) under the blog Title ? here is the link : https://radish-oleander-y98z.squarespace.com/lineup here is the pw : square1234 Thanks !
  16. Hello, Is there still any way to put all blog posts (I have 85) in the same page ? I do not wish to use the "summary" blog technique i saw in the forum because I am already using categories and tags, + i already added a lot of code specific to the blog-grid. Right now only 30 articles are showing, then there is a pagination. https://radish-oleander-y98z.squarespace.com/lineup/ pw : square1234
  17. Hello, For anyone running into the problem, I solved it by using different @font-face brackets @font-face { font-family: 'Font A'; src: url('Font A'); } @font-face { font-family: 'Font B'; src: url('Font B'); } Instead of one big bracket.
  18. You are right. I tried to use the regular in the h1, h2, h3, h4 and it is rendering. Any other font is not. So i am going to dig there. Thanks
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