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  1. Almost every time I go to work on the site I'm currently building in 7.1, 1 of the Portfolio's 3 sub-page images is missing. Why is this happening?
  2. After using the CSS from bangank36 (thanks), my album played but only showed 1 song out of 9. Frustrated, I put the SoundCloud embed code into a Squarespace "Code Block". It worked perfectly!!! Only had to adjust the "height" to expand the frame to fit the list of songs.
  3. bshoop's worked for me... thanks. Nick Scola's worked too but only after I removed the "-slide" that comes after "strip" like this:.sqs-gallery-design-strip .sqs-wrapper img:not(:last-child) { padding-right: 15px; }
  4. Works for me too... thanks
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