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  1. Hi Creedon


    Please can you help me with some code to change the button of my contact form page, i have spent hours on this already to no avail.

    I want the button to have this code (which works on other areas of the site) appear like this

    border: solid 0.5px #ffffff;
    border-radius: 5px;
    padding:15px 35px 15px 35px;
    transition: 0.2s;
    colour: white;


      &:hover {

     background: #ffffff !important;
    transition: 0.2s;
    color: black;




    page is here


  2. Hello thank you, the easier the better please. I don't however have a business plan
  3. Hello all I am want to add a time based greeting on my contact page, good morning, good afternoon and good evening. This site does it well. https://www.candyspace.com/contact/ can anyone help please? Thanks
  4. Hi I am trying to Customize List Item Buttons to match the rest of my site. I have added custom CSS to change the corner radius but the code for lowercase does not work. I have attached screen sot of code and buttons. Thanks
  5. thank you all, does anyone have a solution, struggling to see why search exists if it doesn't work. thanks
  6. Hello I have a search on my development website. I have named the images throughly so I thought that when a person searched for 'kitchen' for example it would bring up all the places where kitchen images where - alas it does not. Where can I put the tags so that search picks them up please?
  7. Hi and thanks can I get the same effect, I tried pulling in the elements separately and it still happens. What I mean is how do I add accordion and images in classic please?
  8. see attached the ready built people section has a bug, when you click to reveal the text on the right the picture on the left gets bigger. Any help appreciated.
  9. Can anyone please tell me if these code alerts are a problem and if anyone can help me with this please?
  10. My site has a projects section, the section is split into houses and developments. I would like the dropdown navigation folder link to a see all options of the categories below it?
  11. Hello This code is really useful, could you please add some code to place the text on two lines and align left bottom?
  12. https://grouse-saxophone-wskf.squarespace.com/config/pages Scroll to the bottom, thanks
  13. Hello Please can you assist with pie chart help, I want the percentage to be located in the middle (see attached) needs to also be consistent across devices. Thanks
  14. Hello Thank you answering but what I needed wasn't there. I want the overlay titles on the portfolio home page images to be on two lines and aligned left I want the text white, overlay black I want the top line text bigger than the bottom. Thanks
  15. Hello Thank you it worked but the title Mazda didn't stick with it. Is there a workaround please
  16. Hi, would like the text box to stick to the top and the images scroll, please can you supply the code. thanks https://www.emmapartridge.co.uk/play/project-one-f5w4d-w4mye
  17. Hello I am trying to apply this to my site and really failing at adjusting the code, can you assist please. I want the hover text on the portfolio pages (all projects) to be on two lines. I also want the top line text to be larger. www.emmapartridge.co.uk thanks
  18. Hi, i am also trying to organise the portfolio grid overlay text on two lines. First line 12pt, second line 9pt. Your post is the closest I have got but still doesn't work. I've been trying for hours now Can you help please. www.emmapartridge.co.uk
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