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  1. Firing this subject up for 2024! @Sambob do you know how to do this? Or has anyone found anything that actually shows you step-by-step how to do this. I've found myself deep in youtube holes but 'just' need a visual step-by-step...type this here etc solution....seems it would be helping a lot of people out also being driven nuts by this 🫠 Example of my issue on my website: Google search console/ScreamingFrog/Ahrefs show google isnt indexing: https://www.weemovers.co.uk/book-now/blackhorse-lane-childrens-classes and is using https://www.weemovers.co.uk/book-now as the canonical url. Attached is my screenshot from Ahrefs
  2. Hello Squarespace, I would like to add an image background to the promotional pop up. Please could someone share some code? I've seen lots of people talking about further tweaks to images but can't find out how to add an image in the first place. And would anyone know the aspect ratio the image background should be? https://www.weemovers.co.uk Thanks 🙂
  3. Hmm that's not worked. It;s not affected the layout but Login | Register isn't in the header or footer at all now... I really appreciate you picking up this old thread 🙂
  4. And this is my MINDBODY code: <script src="https://widgets.mindbodyonline.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"></script><healcode-widget data-version="0.2" data-link-class="loginRegister" data-site-id="110636" data-mb-site-id="5728933" data-bw-identity-site="false" data-type="account-link" data-inner-html="Login | Register" />
  5. Hi there - firing up this question/solution again. This post is a bit of a mess sorry! I'd like to Login | Register in the main nav only...any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? The Login | Register then disappears from the Main navigation but still appears very far down in the left corner. MY SITE: https://www.wearefixology.co.uk/book PASSWORD: ruth I've followed your steps: Header code: <scriptsrc="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.1/jquery.min.js"></script> However when I add the footer code - my calendar starts overlapping with random large bits of font - see attached. <script>$( ( ) => { const dataSiteId = '[5728933]'; const dataMbSiteId = '[5728933]'; // do not change anything below, there be the borg here $( '<script src="https://widgets.mindbodyonline.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"><\/script>' + '<healcode-widget data-version="0.2" data-link-class="loginRegister" data-site-id="' + dataSiteId + '" data-mb-site-id="' + dataMbSiteId + '" data-type="account-link" data-inner-html="Login | Register" />' ) .appendTo ( '.header-nav-list, .header-menu-nav-folder-content' ); $( 'healcode-widget:first' ) .addClass ( 'header-nav-item header-nav-item--collection header-nav-item--active' ) .attr ( 'data-animation-role', 'header-element' ); $( 'healcode-widget:last' ) .addClass ( 'container header-menu-nav-item header-menu-nav-item--collection' ); } );
  6. Hmm - that's not worked. Is the 300ms the measurement...I could try a higher number perhaps?
  7. Hi there - I've added a MINDBODY Appointments Widget - I need to adjust the spacing between the therapists name (Ruth Sudol) and the time slots. PAGE: https://www.wearefixology.co.uk/book PASSWORD: ruth Can anyone help with some CSS...?
  8. Oh hello! And please could you help with some code for a yellow hover on these pages? https://www.wearefixology.co.uk/register-your-interest https://www.wearefixology.co.uk/contact Password: ruth Yellow - #fddb27
  9. Hi there - me again. I use the inbuilt buttons in the simple list layout too - at the very bottom of this page - possible to have a hover on those too? Yellow - #fddb27 https://www.wearefixology.co.uk/classes-and-talks password: ruth
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