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  1. Business plan (although the site I’m working on this for is in trial mode).
  2. I attempted this, but couldn't get what I want. What I'm aiming for us the logo on the left, with left-justified site title and sub-title (in different fonts) vertically centred to the right of the logo... something like the image attached. Is this even possible? kenhardie.squarespace.com password: fpk
  3. .summary-item ... that's what I was missing. Thanks so much, Tuanphan! I noticed that I had to inject this code to the index page... not to the individual section that contains this .summary-item. Christian
  4. Site URL: https://risedigital.squarespace.com Hello. I'm losing my mind trying to figure out how to reduce vertical padding (specifically, beneath the summary block content) on Brine template. (i.e. eliminate the empty green and orange spaces highlighted in the screenshot attached) Can anyone help?
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