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  1. I've completed this but it has not done what's expected. The </br> tag still shows in the HTML.
  2. Oh, I see what you mean. Okay, I have completed that. And thank you so much!
  3. Honored to receive a reply from you, @tuanphan! I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not able to add a break tag in the title of a list. Please see the image I've attached. I know I need to inject JS for this task but not exactly sure how to make it work.
  4. Site URL: https://bassoon-aardvark-m9nc.squarespace.com/board I am using the list feature to show board member photos on a client's site. I would like a line break in the Content Title so that it is First Name <br> Last Name. This currently happens automatically for most names, but not all due to length. It is not possible to add html or returns in the Content Title field. So how might I achieve this? Website linked above. Password: pipclt
  5. @creedon Thank you for your reply! I never knew that about the stability of the blocks as it relates to the IDs. Really appreciate you passing this information along. I am still struggling to target the highest stable ID along with this particular image block. Would you be willing to take a look? Web address: https://grapefruit-dinosaur-rx7j.squarespace.com/clinical-supervision Password: changein2021
  6. I believe I am having the same issue, it's very strange. I am attempting to get an image blog to be flush with the right side of its section. I have inspected the page and when I attempt to target the image itself by ID with the image-block-wrapper, it just disappears from the page but is still picked up on the inspect tool as being in the correct place. Finally got the effect I'm looking for to work by targeting the content wrapper. I save my work and it looks great. As soon as I leave the page and go back, the customization is reverted despite the code still being present in my CSS editor. It also appears that the content wrapper ID keeps changing? I've targeted three different IDs in trying to resolve this problem and they're all worked until I navigate away from the page. PLEASE help! // started here div#yui_3_17_2_1_1626969021446_287.content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important; } // added this after I navigated away and the above code was no longer working div#yui_3_17_2_1_1626982445081_287.content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important; } // added this after I navigated away and the above code was no longer working div#yui_3_17_2_1_1626967567153_307.content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important; } What I don't want The success I've seen
  7. @bangank36 — That worked perfectly. I cannot thank you enough! Blessings.
  8. @bangank36 — thank you for your help. I've inserted your code and it is not working for me. It's now returned to "Back to all events" for both events pages that I'm using + the routing via eventitem-backlink is not working / directing to the correct page.
  9. Site URL: https://springtail-pufferfish-lyy6.squarespace.com/ When a member is on my client's website and logged out, "Sign in" appears. This is great. However when the member is logged in, to get to the content within the Member Area, they must click "Account." This language is confusing and I'd like to change it to something else. Is this possible? Password for site entry: repair2021
  10. Site URL: https://springtail-pufferfish-lyy6.squarespace.com/ Password for site entry: repair2021 I've used some code from @tuanphan to customize the behavior of an event back button. The code changes "Back to events" to "Back to listings" and also redirects to a particular page. The issue I'm having is that I have two separate events pages — one being used as a directory and the other being used as intended. I would like the wording and page redirect to be independent for each page. How do I achieve this? The behavior is working correctly for this page: https://springtail-pufferfish-lyy6.squarespace.com/board-listings But needs to be altered for this page: https://springtail-pufferfish-lyy6.squarespace.com/events Here's the code I'm using: <!-- Change board listing back button behavior --> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> jQuery(function($){ $(".eventitem-backlink").html(function() { return $(this).html().replace("Back to All Events", "Back to listings"); }); $('.eventitem-backlink').attr('href','/board-listings'); }); </script> <!-- end Change board listing back button behavior --> I would greatly appreciate any help on this!
  11. @tuanphan — Thank you for this code! When I navigate away from the homepage, onto the contact page for instance, and back the script no longer runs. Here's my site: https://www.blackfishgoldstudios.com/ Is there something I need to be doing to manually re-load the page?
  12. Site URL: https://www.blackfishgoldstudios.com I've designed a single-page / scroll website with anchor links that jump to page content in the always-present mobile menu. These links are held in the header of each section. When selected from the menu, the page jumps past the selected header and into the section content. Is there a way to make the jump more precise? I've already tried adding a <span> above the header with the id placed therein. That did not alter the issue. Much appreciated in advance!
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