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  1. Just adding to this thread. I'm in the same position - selling very different items of size and weight. Would love if Squarespace could help out with selecting product-specific shipping. To give the developers an example of how this is difficult for vendors, particularly at this time: Australia Post became rather unreliable during lockdown in Melbourne. So it was important to me to be able to arrange a free click and collect option for those who were able to (within the 5km lockdown zone). during a print sale. I also think that if it's possible, this is a more environmentally-friendly option so I can deliver on bike or people pick up from me personally. Some people unexpectedly used the free click and collect option on a totally different product option (zines) - people well outside the 5km zone, who I had no choice but to to post out to. I wore the very small cost of postage, but I think that if Squarespace could see how awkward this is, they could hopefully dream up a better solution for the Shop section than this. Thank you - Rebecca S
  2. Just to let you know - I made a folder in my navigation section and added an extra page to that. Probably easier than trying to get a block into the Shop page design. Not to worry - all looks OK now. Cheers Rebecca S
  3. Thanks for your response! It's been updated in the past couple of days: https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/zines-prints
  4. Hi Maggie sorry this is not an answer but I see your question is quite related to mine (about adding an extra policies section to the Shop page on Wells). I would love some help and insight on this too! Hoping to bump this query up.
  5. Site URL: https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/ Hi there, I'm working on my first Shop page in Wells. I'ts currently not linked anywhere or active but can be seen here: https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/shop While I've pasted all my store policies into the Commerce section I don't think these are prominent at all. They come up as tiny grey linked areas only when a customer presses the final 'purchase' button. Why would a customer click on those just at the point of purchase? And I wouldn't want them to either - I want them to make the purchase, but be informed about it! I would like either a footer section on the Shop, or a clear box on that page called 'policies', or a dropdown menu item in the navigation bar linked to the shop (not standalone, like my other menu items) - or SOMETHING to make my store policies more prominent. Does anyone have any good suggestions around this? I'm on the Business plan so can add code if need be. Looking for a slightly more elegant solution than just a new page in the menu called 'policies'. Many thanks - Rebecca S
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