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  1. Thank you bangank36 for commenting on my question. Since asking the question I have explored different options, and have found out that I can do a batch sequential watermark on the photos using lightroom, and have managed to use it as a work-around, and it works rather well, so I now don't need a code hack anymore. Thanks again.
  2. Site URL: https://www.leighanddistrict.co.uk/photos-2 I am uploading photos to the gallery for a local riding club show, and I need them to be numbered so that people can choose the ones they want, but there are 427 of them! The only way I've found to do this is to edit each photo to add a number, but it's so painstaking that it's taken me ages just to get to 150. Is there some code I could add to just show the photo's .jpg name under the photo (or on the lightbox image) as they have already been numbered by the photographer? Please I'm desperate...😬
  3. I am doing a website for a local pony club, and at their events there are members & non-members. The members can book classes for £7, the non-members £10. I've sorted this with variants per class, but what I really need is a way to limited total orders to 12 for each class, and not have to give the variants a limit as we have no idea what the ratio of members to non-members will be. This is only a problem at the moment due to having to strictly limit numbers due to Covid. Does anyone know a work-around?
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