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  1. Hi @IXStudio, this worked! Thank you so much! Also, is there any way to place a sitewide background image on 7.1?
  2. Site URL: https://lime-koala-f88e.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to place a background image behind my products on my store page (or store collection). If possible, I would also like to be able to place images in the background of my product details as well, but this is my second priority. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Site is : https://lime-koala-f88e.squarespace.com/ Pass: doggydog
  3. Hi @tuanphan, I'm still trying to get a background image on my store page, I tried the code you suggested above but that didn't work. Would you mind checking it out again? The page is: https://lime-koala-f88e.squarespace.com/ pass: doggydog Thank you in advance!
  4. Sorry @tuanphan, here is the link: https://lobster-gopher-ygst.squarespace.com pass: doggo Thanks!
  5. Hi @tuanphan, I'm also interested in the code to show captions only in gallery view, can you help me? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi @tuanphan Sorry, that test site expired, but I copied it over: https://magnolia-sealion-b27w.squarespace.com/ Pass: doggydog I tried the code but nothing appears, I added some CSS i found to change the font in the products page, that might be causing a problem. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hi @tuanphan I tried the code you provided and added it to header injection, both with the example image you provided and later with one of my own and neither worked. The product page grid still has a solid color background. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Thank you! I'd like to do both, change the product description page and the ALL products page
  9. Hi @tuanphan, I have a similar question, is there a way for me to add a background image to a products section? This is the site: https://prism-chameleon-jrjb.squarespace.com/ Pass: doggydog Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello all, I hace a similar issue and none of the code I've found has helped me yet. I have a text block in one section that I want to align completely with the bottom of the section, and another text block in the section below it that I want to align to the top, as seen here: The site is at: https://prism-chameleon-jrjb.squarespace.com/ Pass is: doggydog Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://zion-demo.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm trying to build my first 7.1 website using the Zion (or Hawley) template. I'm particularly interested in the landing page, and how the background image changes when I hover over a category. However, if I resize the browser window this effect no longer works properly and the header begins to interfere with the effect. Basically what happens on resizing is that the header will still display the original background image and will no longer change when hovering over the links, also the links will move slightly towards the bottom of the page. This happens specifically with the "portfolio 3" option under NEW PAGE - COLLECTIONS. Any idea how I can maintain the hover effect even if I resize? This can be seen on the demo pages for the Hawley and Zion templates. I checked the 7.0 templates and the "Carson" template has a similar effect without the resizing problem. Thank you in advance for any help!
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