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  1. Sure! Here's a link to the site, the issue is on the home page. The site is password protected as it's still in development. I will message you the PW. Thank you! https://synthesizer-orchid-yy7r.squarespace.com/config/
  2. I have embedded code on a page that links to a video and it displays perfectly when viewing that page. (see screenshot 1) However, while in editing mode there's extra info in the video box which prevents me from making that box and, therefore the section, smaller. (See screenshot 2) Is there a way to remove the extra info so that I can remove the extra space below the video in that section? In other words I want to see the video box while in editing mode, in the same way it displays in real life.
  3. I had already tried removing, reloading and re-adding the icons before I reached out here on the forum, but it didn't work. Using your code for now, thank you. Where do I contact customer care about this as a possible bug?
  4. That worked, thank you @tuanphan. Just curious is there any way to make that happen with the existing Squarespace functionality so that the additional CSS is not needed?
  5. I noticed that when I decrease the size of social media links in the header, then they're no longer centered with the navigation. I want them to be smaller but I also want them remain centered with the navigation titles. See the screenshots below. This site is bare bones just starting but here's the link: https://synthesizer-orchid-yy7r.squarespace.com/config/pages
  6. I had this issue as well, you may have seen it in a previous comment. To fix the issue I updated my google chrome browser and cleared the cache. Worked like a charm. Hope that works for you all too.
  7. Uggghhh!!! I was afraid of that. I guess I was in too much of a rush to notice the warning message. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Haste makes waste as they say. Thanks for the quick response Paul.
  8. Having a bit of panic attack... So I accidentally deleted portfolio content pages (the pages that open when you click on the main portfolio page categories.) As it turns out, deleting the portfolio main page category choices, deletes all of it. I immediately looked in the trash bin and portfolio is not there! 😩 I'm thinking that a portfolio doesn't get saved when you delete it?, and praying I'm wrong!!! The image below shows where I accidentally deleted the portfolio pages. Then I added the 3 pages back, but the pages that used to get linked to from these 3 categories (the actual portfolio contents) are nowhere to be found. PLEASE tell me I don't have to recreate those pages. Here's the link to the site: https://ellipse-tangerine-yx36.squarespace.com/config/pages/63f4f8dec9a2bc2a52a3df5c
  9. Thanks for your suggestions and yes that's the space I'm trying to reduct. It's a banner slideshow and within the editing options I'm unable to decrease the space between the testimonial and the navigation arrows. The only way I can decrease the space using the editing options is to choose "center" vs. "bottom" for the navigation arrows. See attached screenshots. When I choose "center" the space is decreased. But when I choose "bottom" there is way too much space. You'll see I have the padding above the navigation set to zero and it still doesn't reduce the space. I'll try your code but wanted to leave it out for now if you're looking at the issue. Also curious... it doesn't make sense that choosing the "bottom" option for navigation arrows, actually centers the arrows, but choosing "center" doesn't? 🤔
  10. Sure. You can see the home page at https://healthcare-training-corp.squarespace.com/ Btw I entered the link during the prompts given during posting. I assumed you would be able to see it. Sorry bout that, I definitely would have put it in the body of the question.
  11. I'm using a banner slideshow on a home page for testimonials. Works great for that, however, I've been unable to decrease the space that gets created between the text of the content (each testimonial in this case) and the navigation arrows that I have set to be at the bottom of the slideshow. There seems to be an excess amount of space and its particularly noticeable on mobile view. I've tried every combination of setting changes but nothing seems to decrease that space. Thanks for your help.
  12. This is what worked for me... updating my google chrome browser and clearing the cache.
  13. I'm unable to work on a site that I'm still designing but not yet been published. When I open the site, I see the screen shown. Can't see my site or work on it. I only noticed this today. I hope my work is still there! Any ideas? I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area/forum, I'm not sure where to go or who to contact for technical issues like this.
  14. Ohhhh ok, and I'm glad I asked! The reason I chose that template was mainly for the images. I guess I didn't see the Terms of Service. Now, I have to go hunt for similar images! 😡
  15. Ah ok. I like the images though, is there a way to know how to find those exact images so that I may download/purchase them?
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