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  1. I found the answer in another post. .header-nav-folder-item { padding-bottom: 8px; } Of course, it came from Tuanphan!
  2. Site URL: https://wolf-cube-3k56.squarespace.com Can anyone recommend CSS to add so I can spread out the items in my drop-down nav? I've already added CSS for line height, but I don't know the tag for the space between the line items. I have links that are two lines long, and I need additional space so there's more separation. Also, is there a way to add padding to the bottom of the container box? Thanks
  3. Thanks, Tuanphan. I have added to the Custom CSS field before, but I've also added custom CSS to individual page's "Advanced" Code Injection and wasn't sure if this code was site-wide or page specific.
  4. Thanks for sharing, I need to do this too. Where do you put this CSS? In the Events page?
  5. Site URL: http://wolf-cube-3k56.squarespace.com I'm working in 7.1/Clarkson. Is there a way to space out the links in my drop down nav? The only option I have is to adjust the line height, but that doesn't affect the links in the drop down. Thanks
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