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  1. Well this is frustrating. I have been working on implementing Printful on my customers SQSP website and just ran into this shipping issue (the last thing before going live!). It is going to take me HOURS to input the weight of each item for their Printful catalog and create the shipping scale. Wish I would have known about this issue before building their catalog! Hoping there is a "fix" or update soon.
  2. Just recently lost a client to Shopify because of their Lightspeed POS integration. I hope Squarespace is working on this!
  3. Will this apply to the invoice we print from orders as well? When I go to print my invoice to inclue with an order, it now has no logo at all. Thank you.
  4. Thank you! That's what I'm looking for, appreciate the quick responses!
  5. Yes... the tabs where it lists Premium, Platinum, ECommerce, Compare
  6. Site URL: https://www.wilsonandward.com/website-packages I am looking to implement something similar on my website like the one on Wilson and Wards Website packages page. I am wanting to navigate text like a gallery, specifically, how the navigation is horizontal and changes only the text below rather than leaving the page or jumping to an anchor point. Does anyone know code, plugin, or creative work around? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am designing a website for a client and she wants the Instagram Block, but the way squarespace has it set-up is to auto connect to whichever account I am personally signed into (my client doesn't want MY insta feed on her website!). Do I need my clients sign in credentials in order to connect her account or is there a work around? I wish it was easier and I could just enter the handle to connect the account.
  8. I am using the Brine template and can not find where to edit the logo on my commerce customer order invoice (the one I can print to include with my orders). I have tried the chat feature and it keeps giving me info on my personal squarespace invoices (NOT what I'm looking for). I've searched through the forum and help, this is the only thread I could find. I have to be missing something!
  9. I see you figured out a solution, is it possible for you to share the coding?
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