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  1. @paul2009 @creedon We put this live. No way we could have done this without the bookmarklet. Would have died of RSI first. Many thanks both.
  2. Not meaning to bump an old thread but for anyone trying to solve this problem in future I was able to pretty easily reverse the order of hundreds of blog entries arranged with the masonry design using the universal filter plugin. This is a paid plugin and maybe overkill if you dont intend to add any filters but for the sake of having all the options it was simple as adding one line to the filter config.
  3. Thank you! Im hoping to have most of this done today so hopefully they won't change anything before i'm done. Have ~250 items to set dates for with latest date being 2004 and earliest being pre-1970 (just a couple so epoch limit not an issue). This is a life saver.
  4. Th This worked a treat and taught me what a bookmarklet is! Thank you so much - made a tedious task painless. I love how it has to simulate clicking back through the dates, proper workaround that ; )
  5. I'm making a frankenblog as I've seen it described here as its the easiest way to achieve my aims with the universal filter plugin. My issue is that I want to change the published date of my "blog" entries to dates that are decades in the past. The date picker in the blog entry settings requires a crazy amount of clicks to get to the desired dates (eg sometime in 1993). Is there a way I can edit a blog publish date manually - ie type in a date? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately the page isn't live yet, so I can't share any link. Can we somehow solve this without a live link? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm stuck at a particular problem: No. 1 I'm working on a gallery of album covers and want to create the exact same effect as on this page: https://www.metallica.com/releases/albums/ Meaning: hovering over the image makes it greyed out (in the above example it's red) and a text with a subtitle for the release year appears. Then you can click on the gallery image and it will take you to the respective page. I have managed all of this with the below CSS coding BUT once I switch to mobile the font size gets way too big and messes up the whole look of it (see screenshots 1 & 2 attached for "correct desktop" VS "messed up mobile"-view). Also, the greyed out image effect appears only if I put a link on the image but not if I don't link it. Is there a way to make it appear without linking the image? Can anybody please help me this? I have no idea about CSS and feel lucky to even have managed to get to the point where I am 😉 Also, the site isn't live yet, so I unfortunately can't share any link to it. Thanks a lot! CSS code figure.gallery-grid-item { position: relative; } @media only screen and (min-width: 834px){ .gallery-caption { position: static; } /* title */ .gallery-caption-content { position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; z-index: 999; padding: 7%; transition: opacity ease 200ms !important; opacity: 0 !important; pointer-events: none; } .gallery-grid-item:hover .gallery-caption-content { opacity: 1 !important; } /* overlay */ .gallery-grid-item-wrapper a:after { background: #242526; /* overlay color */ content: ""; display: block; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; opacity: 0; transition: opacity ease 200ms !important; } .gallery-grid-item:hover .gallery-grid-item-wrapper a:after { opacity: 0.80; } /* remove gap */ figcaption { padding: 0 !important; } .gallery-caption-content { font-size: 17px !important; /* caption font size */ color: white; /*caption font color */ } p.gallery-caption-content span { display:block; position: absolute; top: 53%; font-size: 16px; color: white; } }
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