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  1. You'd think it would be in their best interest not to have millions of redundant images on their servers no?
  2. Thanks for this - it's a good solution for the transition - but moving forward, let's address new blog posts. Clients want to purchase a link in a post like this mydomain.com/their-article not like this mydomain.com/blog/their-article For new articles, my only option would be to have individual pages for each post. Given we post about a dozen a month, this would quickly become unwieldy. Jude
  3. I as well and hoping there's a solution to this. I have a massive blog that I'd dearly love to move over to Squarespace but it's essential that each post live on my primary domain so domain.com/post-name I've sent a note into customer care to see if this is planned for the near future It has always been easy to do this on Wordpress
  4. Hooray - that worked! Thank you so much!! Jude
  5. Hooray - that worked! Thank you so much!! Jude
  6. Here is the URL https://pigeon-echidna-kg92.squarespace.com
  7. Here is the URL https://pigeon-echidna-kg92.squarespace.com
  8. I hate the way the menu stacks when a browser window is a bit small - I've tried to find a way to prevent this - I want the menu to display horizontally or hamburger - nothing else. Anyone know how I could make this happen? Thanks in advance
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