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  1. Im trying to do "buttons" on a website - images with a text on top. This is easy but when resizing the site text (single words) on these is broken into two lines. Example below with "example" as the text: "Examp le" How can this be avoided? Is there a way to force words to stay intact?
  2. Hey tuahphan! I'm not using it anywhere, yet 🙂 But I need a way to display 3-5 separate testimonials one at a time on the front page. Just text content.
  3. Hey! Is this slider from the earlier Squarespace? I'm trying to do the same layout but with Squarespace 7.1. but cannot find anything that does this.
  4. Hey! The old editor is out of the question since it will be unavailable from january 2021. I tried using different product templates instead of service but the confirmation email prints text to the same location with all the settings. Service product: "We will be in contact shortly regarding the services you have ordered." Product: "We will notiify you shortly when the order has shipped" (or something like this, I did not write it down). ...there's also no way to translate this phrase 😞
  5. Site URL: https://www.cafevaino.fi Hey! I'm trying to do a webshop in finnish. I'm using the "service" template in the webshop since no postage is involved. The order confirmation email displays by default a line that says: "We will be in contact shortly regarding the services you have ordered." How can I edit / translate this? Screenshot for the confirmation email attached.
  6. Thanks a lot Tuanphan! I changed the code to this as instructed and now it works fine 🙂 /* Home first section */ .homepage #page section:first-child .section-background:first-of-type { top: 60px }
  7. Can I reach you via email? I do not feel comfortable posting an unfinished site on a public forum.
  8. Hi! I'm also trying to figure out how to translate content on the Event page (100% same as the first post here). How is this done?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunate I cannot share the site yet (it is still unpublished). The code above fixed the problem - first section bg image on the home page is moved down and no more clipped by the navigation. BUT it also messed up all the sections below. All content is moved xx px down and for example the content on my footer is now clipped by the section. How do I edit the code so it affects ONLY the first image on the homepage? I'm using the newest Squarespace with no custom code.
  10. Hey Paul! Thanks for the code above to move the header image 110px down. I put it on my site but it seems to affect ALL the elements on the front page (including even footer). What went wrong? I'd like to target only the first image (section, image as a bg) and move it down so it is not covered by the menu.
  11. Hey! I'm working on a site and I played around the options (newest version of Squarespace) a lot. This uploaded the "dummy-images" on the site every time and now when browsing uploaded images it is hard to find the relevant pics. How do I manage the images uploaded to the site? I'd really like to remove all of the unused images. Screenshot from the media browser below.
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