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  1. I want to increase the quality of my images on mobile. I am uploading images at 500px x 500px. These images are under 100k for SEO purposes (which may be part of the problem) but on desktop, there are no issues. I have tried using the Code Block to create a div and use CSS to insert the image instead. Unfortunately, I still get the same distorted quality on mobile unless the image is a small .SVG (and not a photograph). Any help appreciated!
  2. No problem, managed to sort it. For anyone else that needed help, this worked itself out on its own. I checked the SEO meta description and saw it displayed domain.com/post-name anyway. Tried it for myself and it sent me to the post!
  3. Hi! My blog is my homepage. But each post url slug is still domain.com/blog/post-name... Is there a way I can make it domain.com/post-name? If I remove the blog slug entirely from its page settings, it just creates a new slug such as 'blog-1'. Help appreciated!
  4. Is there a quick way I can fade in an entire section on scroll? Some other problems I'm having: Clickthrough URLs don't work on Gallery Slideshows Portfolio Descriptions don't display when hovering over a Portfolio Grid item Can't seem to add a Portfolio Grid as a section on a new blank page Help appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I am using a Portfolio Overlay Grid on 7.1. On hover, it displays the project name but not the project description. I can't even find where to add a project description. What I am looking for is a small excerpt to sit under the project title on hover. e.g: Project name This is a small description about the project. Thanks! P.S I am still on the Squarespace trial.
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