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  1. No the code was still not working. I just looked again (see pic) But, Yes, it was the ajax loading! Thanks so much!
  2. Hey Tazmeah, I inserted your code, but the problem persists 😞 Do you have any other ideas? https://www.judith-teichman.com/blog2 https://www.judith-teichman.com/about Thanks so much
  3. Site URL: https://www.judith-teichman.com/about I'm trying to make two pages on my site a different colour (orange) from the rest (blue). Unfortunately injecting the code under the advanced section of these pages seems to create a bug where all pages turn orange *until* i reload the page (any page with the wrong colour). (This bug extends to the answer to my last question of inserting a banner image on individual blog entries). The code i injected on the About page is this: (https://www.judith-teichman.com/about) The code i injected on the blog page is this: (https://www.judith-teichman.com/blog2) In summation go to any page on my site, then hit reload and the background colour changes. How can i stop this while also having two of my pages (about and blog) be orange, and every other page be blue? Thanks so much guys, you are grand!
  4. Site URL: https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/news-and-events/2020/11/13/online-liviana-conference-fourth-session-organized-by-dr-caroline-shenaz-hossein Hello, I've seen similar questions, but not this one in particular. I have no problem getting a banner image for the summary page of posts, but not the page for *individual* posts like this one. My attempts at code in the post blog item code injection have only resulted in images on the summary page of posts, not an individual blog entries. Thanks so much guys
  5. It works! You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks so much!
  6. Site URL: https://celery-contrabass-3eax.squarespace.com/blog/tag/Amazon Hello, I'm trying to change the text colour of the blog excerpts here (and with every tag) from black to white. The password is helpm3 . I'm pretty sure that this is the target area, but i have failed to make it work. <div class =“BlogList-item-excerpt” id=“yui_3_17_2_1_1604425421705_510”> <p class id=“yui_3_17_2_1_1604425421705_509”> Thanks so much guys.
  7. Nevermind, i got it. Thanks so much, btw. You're always the one that has the answers :)
  8. Site URL: https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein#about-caroline-hossein I've used the collage image design throughout my website, and like it that way, *except* for one image collage on one page. The text is *way* too big. How do I override this? I've tried suggestions mentioned on other posts, but they don't work. The template is Hyde, and here's the page https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein#about-caroline-hossein Thanks so much!
  9. Site URL: https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein On one of my image collages (https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein) I wanted to make the text BOX bigger, so I injected some code. This worked but it seems to also affect the size of the text IN the box. I'd like the text within the box to remain at 17, and only make the container bigger. The problem with the text can be seen when switching between screen sizes. With a bigger screen, the text also grows. So it looks fine in the mobile setting, but looks ridiculous in full screen. Does anyone know how i might fix this to keep the text size at a true 17? As can be seen in this other image text box https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/ it's not a problem. Thanks so much guys. My code below. div#page-5df3f0acb29aca197b85f292 .image-card-wrapper { width: 80% !Important; }
  10. Nevermind i figured it out. For anyone else wondering it's: .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow .meta-inside:hover { cursor: pointer; background-color: #a40808;}
  11. .meta-inside:hover { cursor: pointer; } Ok, that doesn't seem to work. There's got to be something missing. Like a div id or class? Looking at the code for the gallery with the design i want it has <div class=“slide-meta show” data-slide-id”5e14fa8a383be0638df3b12f”> and .collection-type-gallery:not(.gallery-design-grid).gallery-info-overlay-show-on-hover.slide:hover .slide-meta.show {display: block;} Thanks
  12. I'm trying to customize my gallery blocks. I already decided to go with a gallery block (and have the actual gallery not indexed) because it seemed to be closer to what I was looking for. The last piece is making my gallery blocks, like this one here https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/places-gallery-page have a nice mouse over with white text and a dark background like my actual gallery like this one https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/places-gallery I hope this makes sense. I managed to only get the title (and not the subtext) to have a background, and i lost the mouse over feature. Thanks so much guys.
  13. Thank you so much. I was thinking maybe the problem was that i was putting it in the wrong place. I'll research more on when the code is supported to go in the individual page coding section.
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