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  1. Nevermind, i got it. Thanks so much, btw. You're always the one that has the answers :)
  2. There's only one image block. Where it says "About"
  3. Site URL: https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein#about-caroline-hossein I've used the collage image design throughout my website, and like it that way, *except* for one image collage on one page. The text is *way* too big. How do I override this? I've tried suggestions mentioned on other posts, but they don't work. The template is Hyde, and here's the page https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein#about-caroline-hossein Thanks so much!
  4. Site URL: https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein On one of my image collages (https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein) I wanted to make the text BOX bigger, so I injected some code. This worked but it seems to also affect the size of the text IN the box. I'd like the text within the box to remain at 17, and only make the container bigger. The problem with the text can be seen when switching between screen sizes. With a bigger screen, the text also grows. So it looks fine in the mobile setting, but looks ridiculous in full screen. Does anyon
  5. Nevermind i figured it out. For anyone else wondering it's: .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow .meta-inside:hover { cursor: pointer; background-color: #a40808;}
  6. .meta-inside:hover { cursor: pointer; } Ok, that doesn't seem to work. There's got to be something missing. Like a div id or class? Looking at the code for the gallery with the design i want it has <div class=“slide-meta show” data-slide-id”5e14fa8a383be0638df3b12f”> and .collection-type-gallery:not(.gallery-design-grid).gallery-info-overlay-show-on-hover.slide:hover .slide-meta.show {display: block;} Thanks
  7. I'm trying to customize my gallery blocks. I already decided to go with a gallery block (and have the actual gallery not indexed) because it seemed to be closer to what I was looking for. The last piece is making my gallery blocks, like this one here https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/places-gallery-page have a nice mouse over with white text and a dark background like my actual gallery like this one https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/places-gallery I hope this makes sense. I managed to only get the title (and not the subtext) to have a background, and i lost the mouse ov
  8. Thank you so much. I was thinking maybe the problem was that i was putting it in the wrong place. I'll research more on when the code is supported to go in the individual page coding section.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to change the colour of one h1 heading on one page, and none of the usual stuff is working. I'm putting it in the advanced area of that page. What am i doing wrong? At the very bottom of this page, where it says "connect with me". I want that to be red, not white https://www.caroline-shenaz-hossein.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein Thanks
  10. I think i might have figured it out. There are adjustments in the design/style sections. To override these settings it would be good to know the code. But that code would need to be put on that particular page though, yes? Not the in the code area under design/style sections.
  11. That code doesn't seem to work.... When i remove the spacer on the right and expand the text box (or just make the spacer smaller) all it does is make the image on the left bigger and makes the font bigger. I'd like to have the image and the text the same size, but just extend to the very right of the page... Do you know what i mean?
  12. Sure. If you look here I don't want the profile image to be any larger, but i want the text box to be wider (and therefore shorter). I have put the ivy background there (on the right) to make the page look a bit better, but i'd like to be able to replace it with part of the text box. Thanks :)
  13. Hello! I'm using the Hyde template, and am wondering, if possible, how one can change the width of the text box associated with an image when using the collage option. It seems the default is to make the text box the same width as the image. So as I try to make the text box wider, it's also making the image bigger (both wider and deeper), which is not what i want. I'd like the image to take up about 1/3rd of the width of the page and for the text box to take up two thirds of the width (on a computer). I hope this makes sense. Thanks so much, you guys are always great.
  14. This looked great, but doesn't seem to be working for me. Is this perhaps because your suggestion is a few years old and things have changed? Thanks
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