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Setting shipping costs to individual post code UK( Zip Code US)

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Hi All


I have just started to use square space and wanted to know, if it is possible to set delivery costs to individual post codes? I did have this p[previously done via an outsourced web company that did this on word press however I am taking the site over myself and this item is pretty important. 

For example when someone buys a product as I only ship locally, when someone lives in BL0 post code it automatically advises £3.50 delivery, whereas BL2 is 5.50?


This is pretty important for my company as if square space cant do this then may have to try Shopify for example.


Any advice really appreciated!


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This isn't currently possible on Squarespace, either using built-in tools or third-party solutions. 

Squarespace is a US-centric service and has the capability to do this with US Zip Codes on the Advanced Commerce plan, it isn't possible for UK Postcodes. You can raise a feature request for this by opening a ticket through Customer Support to help others in the future, but this is unlikely to help you in the short term as it does take some time to see new features (years not weeks).

It may be possible for a developer to custom code a solution for a Squarespace website, but the devil will be in the details. Can you provide more information of the essential features that you need, and perhaps include a link to your previous site that you mentioned?

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Hi Paul,

I too am desperately trying to find a solution to this. I need to be able to apply UK shipping zones to my shopping cart. Please help!


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