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  1. I have set up this workaround for some of my clients: use the Product Variant option rather than shipping. It's a hack-y workaround, but it can work in some cases. You could use the same approach to offer free zones. See my reply and link to demo here: P.S. Not sure if you're still seeking a solution but @FLORESTUDIO and @Renata and @SavorGoods a couple of workarounds that you could use to deter invalid purchases is to (A) Set up an Announcement Bar to indicate that you only deliver to a certain area, and then link the Announcement Bar to a page showing exactly where you do deliver. And then (B) set up a Custom Field in the checkout that forces users to tick a box to indicate that they are definitely in that region. I know it's not ideal, but combined they should help limit the number of invalid orders you get.
  2. I have a workaround that I use for my UK clients who need to charge more for shipping to Scottish Highlands & Islands (for example) - it could be used for any region. You can use Product Variants to fudge the system. You can see an example and explanation of the steps here: https://www.square-help.com/products/va-va-voom P.S. @Beth_King You could create a Service product in a hidden page to charge the shipping for that person who bought without the shipping charge being added. Just set the price to be whatever the shipping was, and send them the link to pay (if you want to). Service products can be used to charge for anything - shipping, surcharges, deposits, whatever.
  3. I'm having problems similar to @joosty but slightly different, though both are buggy editor issues: 1) Ever since the new blue editor, it's often impossible to wrap text around an image. You pick up the image, but he rectangle no longer appears when you drag down, so you think it hasn't worked, but then you save and refresh, and it has indeed wrapped. 2) Also when making text edits and then saving, it sometimes looks like the text has been input twice. It's happening across all browsers. I made a video showing it happening here: It seems to be happening mainly when you delete a block and then save. Anyone else experiencing these two issues?
  4. Have a look at this thread where you'll find the answers and/or workarounds:
  5. In case anyone else is still looking for a resolution, you can get a full-bleed image to NOT crop using this method: 1. Use a full bleed Gallery section instead of an Image section, and just put 1 image in the Gallery. Turn off arrows and animations. 2. Then you can use the @tuanphan code solution from this thread (pasted here for convenience): @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow[data-width="full-bleed"] { height: 15vh !important; } } Just adjust the 15vh to whatever height works best for your image (it will vary depending on the aspect ratio of your image). It will look the same as if you had set a background image but will maintain shape & stop (or severely reduce) cropping on mobile.
  6. It's been a while since I had a US client with Commerce needs. Do folks know if it's still the case that you have to manually set up each and every single state and local tax rate? No ability to bulk upload, and no integration with some kind of central spreadsheet that sets it up for you? I heard some murmurings that TaxJar or another extension would do this but I can't seem to see any info about that.
  7. A recurrent comment from clients/prospects is: "[random person] told me that no Squarespace website will ever be as good as a Wordpress one for SEO because you can't use Yoast plugin with Squarespace". I have my own set of responses to this, but I'd love to hear yours, Matt.
  8. Or if you want to put this code in once and have it work on all instances of pages where you don't use a banner image, you can use this tweak on the code from @christyprice .Header:not(.Header--overlay) img.Header-branding-logo { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); }
  9. Just a quick thank you for all your helpful posts over the years - been crawling the AnswersHub to gather up some of my fave solutions from there and your posts show up again and again 💫

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