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  1. Site URL: https://disegnojournal.com/shop/p/disegno30 Hi there Due to changes in VAT for sales from UK to EU, we need to add a 2nd 'Add to Cart' button on product page so that EU customers are directed to a third party fulfilment service. Please can I get help with the code to do this please?
  2. Thank, but thats not possible for the site i'm building. I just want to stack the first 3 summary blog entries in the carousel on mobile. Side by side the images are too small.
  3. I have exactly the same code and issue - I need to stack the blog summary block on mobile on my site https://aardvark-caper-aggg.squarespace.com/ Please can someone help...The code posted above isnt working....Thanks, Beth
  4. I am so disappointed and so is my client. Didn't know it applied to US and Canada only until it was too late. Already someone outside the free local shipping zone has bought a product and there's no way for them to return to pay just shipping. It makes the Squarespace eCommerce platform a poor solution for the UK. Needs automated shipping based on postcode as standard. I really hope Squarespace resolve the issue fast. https://booyavitality.co.uk We will probably have to revert to a third party like Ecwid which effects the user experience and SEO. Come on Squarespace!
  5. Wow - thank you so much for looking into this for me - I'll upload now. x😃
  6. Thanks - its all sorted now. Doesn't need it now as I shortened the form. Thanks though! x
  7. Site URL: https://stmichaelshospice-jobs.co.uk/applynow Hi I'm looking for code that will reduce the length of my form. Either by adding code that will create drop down accordion-style fields to house questions similar to what you can do with a mark up text block or by aligning some of my form fields and the options associated with them side by side. Can anyone help please code. Thanks, Beth
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