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  1. You have to slide the colour from full strength down the gradient to 0 opacity.
  2. body#cart { background: #fff !important; color: #000; } All working as per above 🙂
  3. No no, I saw it, don't worry it's perfect 🙂 I just added the font colour in as the white font had disappeared.
  4. Thanks @tuanphan, just had to add a colour: #000 for the font colour 🙂 Appreciate your help https://www.urquhartglass.com/cart
  5. Thank you very much @tuanphan, it didn't seem to work 😞
  6. I haven't @michaeleparkour! I'm literally just figuring it all out just now and found this thread. Would it be OK to message you and ask a few questions?
  7. I may be doing something wrong but I cannot get @michaeleparkour's solution to work for me. I have tried both Google Drive and One Drive URLs in the upload URL parameter but it doesn't pull through a link into the form submission email nor does thhe file get placed in the destination folder. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Site URL: https://www.urquhartglass.com Hello all, Hoping someone can help me navigate around changing the background in a 7.1 Cart page... The site is black, and I'd like the cart and checkout to be a light background as some of the elements in a 7.1 cart page don't show up on black, i.e the remove X. The 'Use light background' in checkout is working just fine, but the cart page prior to checkout still remains dark. If you'd like to see the site mentioned above, please let me know and I'll message the password. However hoping someone can just tell me how to target the backgro
  9. This doesn't work for me unfortunately. Still trying to find a solution to anchor links. So frustrating!
  10. Just an update to say I have managed this with the help of another Circle member. Solution so far: I inserted a new section below the slideshow section and inputted my title and button into that section. I then used: #block-ID for title, #block-id for button {z-index:99; position:relative; top:-400px;} Then I had a row of buttons in another section below the previous header image that I needed to move up into the now empty section space. #block-id for button, #block-id for button, #block-id for button {z-index:99; position:relative; top:-90px;} The only downside is t
  11. Hi all, I have played around in 7.1 for a while now, and I've taken the step to build my first client site using it. Exciting! I am using a Headline section with full width background image with overlaid text and button — standard out the box stuff. The client has requested that the background image becomes a slideshow so that there are 3 images it cycles between. Unfortunately it's not currently possible to add text and a button to the Image slideshow which would have been the easiest solution. I know that using Brine is an option but I don't want to step backwards to 7.0 at this st
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