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  1. Hi John, Is this the Google Lighthouse accessibility tool that you're using? It appears to be flagging the image overlay, not the image itself: The problem is that the anchor elements are empty. You'd have to retroactively fix this with Javascript by adding in an aria-hidden attribute or adding innerHTML content. Similarly, the mobile navigation menu button can be fixed by adding in an aria-label. These are the kinds of issues my team and I fix often. If you're interested in having us take a look, feel free to DM me or hit us up at squareada.com.
  2. Hey @kgrahamsb, Still looking for some help with this? You'll need to add in ARIA labels for the variant selector dropdown to compensate for Squarespace's missing label elements: This is the only solution we've found to work when testing with screen readers. (Userway isn't going to help with this - their widget does absolutely nothing to modify the page's DOM structure.) If you're interested in getting some help with this, and with identifying other accessibility issues on your site, check our our free audit linked in my signature below.
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