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  1. Hi Paul, My sincere apologies for the delayed response on the below. I basically had to drop everything due to a family emergency that took all of my attention the first few weeks of September. In any case, I am just now trying to circle back around on, well, everything. So, to answer your question below, from what I understand no e-readers can read native select dropdowns, but perhaps I’m wrong. Have you had a different experience with this? I just know that the Chrome e-reader can not read the Squarespace dropdowns and I was hopeful that the Userway widget would be able to, but it unfortunately does not as you’ve experienced. So, the link to the custom code that I found online is here: https://dev.to/emmawedekind/creating-a-custom-accessible-drop-down-3gmo So I guess at this point I’m wondering, is it even possible to make a change to Squarespace’s template for something like this? And if yes, do you suggest I hire someone to do it or is it as simple as just inserting Emma Wedekind’s custom code into the template? Any feedback is so appreciated since this is the only hurdle in making our site fully ADA accessible at this point. Although I did just realize that the menu links also do not work with an e-reader but I can fix that myself :). Anyway, thanks so much! Kathryn Graham
  2. Hi Paul2009, Thank you for requesting clarification. Yes, when I say "dropdown menu" I am referring to the variant selector on the product pages. We have a small retail cheese shop and we sell tickets to our monthly cheese classes as well as 3 gift boxes online. We offer a few variants for each of these items that are presented as a dropdown selection. Unfortunately, the variants can not currently be read by e-reader software so I am looking to modify the code in order to make them readable. Or find another workaround that would allow me to offer the same variants to my customers while still making them accessible to e-readers. Here is a link to one of our pages as an example: https://cestcheese.com/shop/flights-of-fancy-cheese-gift-box Any advice or direction would be much appreciated!Thank you,Kathryn
  3. Hi there, Our business has been threatened with a lawsuit unless we upgrade our website to W3C standards for ADA compliance. I have managed to make all of the fixes required thus far via my limited coding skills or work arounds. I also downloaded a great (and free!) accessibility widget that seems to offer a lot of nice functionality. However, the dropdown menus in my product pages still can not be read by an e-reader and I can not figure out how or where to add custom code to modify them. I have found the code required but despite having gone into developer mode, I don't see where to inject this code in order to modify the drop downs and make them compliant. Has anyone else done this or can they point me to the right place? Or is this simply not doable on the Squarespace platform? Any thoughts or advice are welcome.
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