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  1. Hello, I finished to re-do my website, I couldn't have got it done without the help of some of you over here. Everything is great on desktop / tablet however I realized on mobile that the background images I have created on photoshop to do a "wavy colour separation" do not display in the same shade of green. It does not make sense at all as I used the same green colour on photoshop. There is also a strange white line between the banners on the mobile version. These mistakes were not visible under squarespace mobile view window. Do you guys have an idea why the green colour is changing on the mobile version? About page -> testimonial section : same green, just a white line SCA courses / Online cours -> price section: different green and a white line. The green used for the top part of the wave is identical as the one used for the middle & bottom part of the wave. That's driving me cray-cray Thanks in advance, Manon
  2. Hello, Hello, I am almost done, redoing my website. I have noticed some issue when switching from desktop to tablet & mobile: Tablet issue : https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/formations-sca-1 On that page my price boxes (pink square ones) does not seem to resize well on tablet, same goes for the green coffee courses cards below. On tablet, the typo is going all over the place. Any idea? Mobile issue: I realized that for my coffee courses cards, my title typo font is changing from desktop to mobile, not sure why. I got the same typo font change issue on the first page of my website (the testimonial area). My font is switching from Freight Big pro to ... I don't know what. Thanks, Manon
  3. I see, thanks a lot, no rush ! I am still going to try to scroll shops today to try to find it haha
  4. Hello everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I am using that week to reshape my website. I have found & bought a lot of custom designs already. While shopping, I spotted this feature on several websites ( e.g Squaremuse.com ) : On desktop, when the mouse hoover the title, it unveils a box. I am just obsess with it, I can't find any shop selling it. Does someone have an idea where I could buy that custom CSS ? I already went through Squaremuse shop without success … Thanks ! Manon
  5. @tuanphan Oh my ... ! Thanks a lot, it works perfectly ! I can't believe I spent hours trying to figure out/find the code. Have a great Sunday, you rock 👊 PS: Also agree, the gold color for desktop color is not an option. I prefer the focus to be on the drawing/images ! I am gonna monitor the website performance to see if those dark colours still works on visitors / clicking behaviours. Manon
  6. Hello Everyone ! I am reaching out because I am a bit stuck on some little coding tweak. I already went through the forum but the answers I found do not really work. Here is my issue: I have the pro version of Squarespace which allow me coding. I have a website (Brine template) with an english/french version and on both version I created a event calendar page. In order to have my logo color to pop-out and keep up with my branding / visual identity, I added a green background to that calendar page. Desktop / Tablet version: It's looking good as a small image is displayed on the day I m running a class/event. Mobile version: There is no image displayed, fair enough, however with that green color, I cannot really see the days there is an event. My idea is to: When there is an event schedule I want to change the color of the square from that weird light green color to a gold color, numbers would be in white. So on the mobile version, an event would be displayed like that : The entire square would be gold & the date displayed in white. What code shall I insert ? Shall I insert it in the advance option custom css of my page? Here are some pictures of the calendar on the desktop & mobile. Here is the link to my website www.qualitycupofcoffee.com PS: Don't mind, I have been working on it on the last few days, the videos banners seems to be loading slower than usual. I still need to have a look at it. Many thanks ! Manon
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