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  1. Thanks for your reply Paul. Yep super frustrating that the Aus. shipping is so limited with Squarespace. The site that's particularly having issues is www.pennyblossomflorist.com. I've seen the workaround of each shipping area being a product variation, which might work... but I feel it could be clunky. It also looks like SF digital are developing an extension for SS users to combat this issue but there's no indication of a release date. I've also seen the postcode check widget, but I don't think it actually restricts anyone, I think it's just an indicative tool. Any further suggestions would be very appreciated. Do you know if the postcode restrictions are available with the Shopify option? I've worked with Shopify but only on full projects so I'm not sure of the capabilities of the button. Thanks so much again!
  2. I have a couple of clients with Australian based florists that I've built sites for, however they're finding the shipping restrictive as they offer local delivery only. It doesn't seem to matter how many disclaimers we put on their sites, the customers tend to ignore and put in invalid post code shipping options. (The current set ups are delivery radius and price as a flat rate they can select at shipping or the other is post code that they select, flat rates for each area.) I'm looking into workarounds so that we don't have to switch platforms however I'm not having much luck. So far the most promising option seems to be the Shopify buy now button, however I'm unsure of the shipping options with that button, so thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has integrated that button with luck, or found alternative solutions? My clients would ultimately like to have restrictions within their Squarespace checkout to say "sorry, not available in your area" when they input a delivery address. Any help appreciated!! Thank YOU!
  3. Oh Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!! This works perfectly!
  4. @tuanphan Do you have the fix to show the image caption on mobile just for image block on 7.1?
  5. Site URL: https://eagle-pear-f8dr.squarespace.com/packages Hello I've got some css hover effects on 3 images that I would like to disable so that the caption shows on mobile. Currently requiring a touch to display on mobile which isn't overly intuitive. https://eagle-pear-f8dr.squarespace.com/packages this is the url and the password is emmac123 to view the site. Thanks
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