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  1. Hi, I think i got it to work. This is the code I injected. https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/blob/main/v7.1/Page/Events/Event/Events Page Event Thumbnail Add/events page event thumbnail add.html#L1 Any idea how to make the images a bit larger? Not too important it would also be nice if they could also be rectangles like the image in the main event page.
  2. Hi, it doesnt matter really, either one is good. Ideally, I just don't need to be re-uploading the image every time. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  3. https://www.qinglongtaichiarts.ca/events/tai-chi-beginner-classes-intensive
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to add the event image to the event details page? Would there be a way to always include an image so I dont have to be adding it twice everytime (in the settings and details) thank you.
  5. Would there be a way to also remove the time? it only got rid of the date. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it.
  6. Can i ask one more question? how do I make sure it doesnt display on the event description page itself? thanks so much!!
  7. https://www.qinglongtaichiarts.ca/events Thanks!
  8. My client wants to add time and date manually in the description, but I can figure out the code to remove the date on the page. Any ideas? Alternatively, if there is a way to create reoccurring events that information would also be really helpful!
  9. https://www.qinglongtaichiarts.ca/events
  10. Hi! I'm trying to find a way to have the word 'map' in my event description to be underlined so that it is clear that it's a link to google maps. Any ideas? Squarespace could improve its accessibility...
  11. My client wants me to remove the text which says "filtering by" and instead show category as the page title. How do I do this? I currently have links to the category pages, that's why it's just saying filtering by. Not sure if it would be better to just make new pages with summary blocks with each different category instead of a "filtering by" automatic page. My problem with that is that then I need to choose whether to show current or past events. Id appreciate some guidance!
  12. Any recommendations/ alternatives to using event pages? I kinda hate the layout of the 7.1 version, cant add in view events button, super limited formatting, complicated editing.. I heard someone saying they used summary blocks for events now, any tips how to do that? Thanks!
  13. Any idea whats the easiest way to deal with all this? I want to make it as simple as possible for my client. I dont want to have repeated buttons once the event is over/ have to manually go in to edit every time. Any solution to permanently get rid of 'view event' of past events? But also show details?
  14. Anyone knows if this was ever fixed by the Squarespace developers? Or is the only solution still adding in the code? Thanks @paul2009
  15. I wanted all my navigation options to be under one button, so I added a folder and all my pages within that. It worked great until I checked the mobile version. Now I need to click a button, it takes me to the MENU folder (aka the only option on my nav) and from there I need to click to see my pages. Im trying to find a way to show the folder items immediately on the mobile menu without requiring an additional clicks, OR just the mobile Squarespace menu display like the desktop version.
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