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  1. Sorry I didn't word my l last reply very well. The code you suggested did work (thank you), but has created a huge space above the illustration. So I tried a different code I found online (with the illustration sitting in the second section rather than the top section and changed the transform to -90% so it goes up instead of down). That would have been perfect, except it's hidden part of the illustration (even in incognito). Here is a screenshot to the new code you supplied - still having the issue with the large space above the illustration 😞
  2. I just tried this code: Which almost worked (negates the banner heigh issue in my previous reply) - but the illustration is half hiding under the top banner... See screenshot. Is there a way of bringing it forward?
  3. Thanks so much for this @creedon - It technically did work (see screenshot) but as the original image is sitting up high, I can't reduce the overall banner space/rows to minimise empty space and make the banner look less hectic. Do you know if there's any way around this? I'd love for the "About Us" text to be more in line with the womans face if possible.
  4. Thanks @creedon! https://kazoo-recorder-myj3.squarespace.com/ PW: Th@nkY0u! It's just the illustrations on Home, Services & About Us page (desktop view) that I'd like to sit between the two sections (on the wave).
  5. @creedon is this something you might be able to help me with? I've seen your name pop up on a few other threads I've been reading through in a search for an answer to my situation 🙂
  6. Could someone please help me work out how to set an image to overlap two sections that are divided by a wavy divider rather than a straight line? I can only find tutorials on adding a shape (rectangle) to simulate extending a section in the same colour but I'm unsure of a way around this whilst using the wavy divider? See screenshot. I'm not very confident with coding but happy to give it a crack with some assistance! Thanks in advance 🙂 Jaclyn
  7. Hi all, I'm fairly new to selling Squarespace builds to my clients, and I'm wondering what the standard/best practise is when it comes to charging clients for their Squarespace Subscription, hosting, ongoing charges etc etc. Am I best to just add the clients credit card as a payment method, or make use of the 20% discount, pay for it myself and then charge the client for this? Any feedback/suggestions is greatly appreciated 🙂 Regards, Jaclyn
  8. Thank you! I will give that a crack & let you know how I go. Really appreciate your help again Paul 🙂
  9. Hi everyone, Is there any way to request a review from someone who purchased a product from me, without having to wait 14 days? Squarespace says it will automatically send them a request 14 days after their purchase. Regards, Jaclyn
  10. That's much better, thank you!! Do you know how I can make the related product image/s the same size & shape as the product image? Currently the main product is square but my related product is portrait/rectangle.
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondering how to go about changing the padding, image size, heading # etc of 'related products' when it's featured on my products page? My product image is displaying nice and small & square but my related products is huge and rectangle. There's also not enough padding/space above where it says "You Might Also Like", and I'd like to change the size of this heading. https://www.studiojacandco.com.au/resources/p/instagram-audit Thanks in advance 🙂 Jaclyn
  12. @paul2009 Thank you SO much - this solved all of my problems. I really appreciate your help on this 🙂
  13. Hi everyone, I'm currently setting up my website to sell my digital products. One of my products requires more information from the customer before supplying them with the digital product, so I would like them to fill out a form/questionnaire. What is the best way to achieve this? I currently use FloDesk and hoped I could somehow trigger an email (after checkout) to the customer with the form for them to fill out. Is this possible? I noticed you can create a form on the checkout page, so worst case I will do that. I did want the same form to have the ability to let them "join the mailing list" but I can only see Squarespace integrating with MailChimp, not FloDesk? Looking forward to your advise and guidance, thank you 🙂 Jaclyn
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