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  1. I have just added a new client to the database that has the same first and last name as a previous client. Instead of creating a new client the new appointment has been added to the existing clients file, and the new clients details have been lost. To put it another way, I added a new client with the same name as a previous client, but of course the eMail address and phone number are different. The new eMail and phone number have been forgotten and the new appointment notification has been sent to the previous client. This seems like a bug? It can’t be intended functionality? Is there a way around this without changing the clients name! As it would appear that the client list is trying to use first name last name as the unique key…
  2. Hi all, I want to create a non-linked/hidden page with images of multiple pieces of clothing that I can send to clients. Clients can then choose the pieces they want and are able to send those selects back to me. Does this exist within SqSp? I know it exists in photography-specific apps but I'm hoping I can integrate it into my website. I'm guessing I can create a 2nd shop but I'd prefer to not have the items set up as "inventory." Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. I have customers purchase services that I then connect with contractors/vendros. Does Scheduling has a way to organize this and update the contractor/vendor as well as the client? Looking to automate both ways of scheduling and updates.
  4. Hi friends, I need some counsel. I have a client who - after receiving my quote for his web design - is asking a good question, "I am trying to decide what the return on investment is in a website currently or spend the money on marketing. What are your thoughts?" I really don't know how to answer that question as I don't purchase advertising for clients nor do I know how to quantify the value of the sort of marketing he is interested in. Any thoughts?????
  5. Site: Www.uparrowproductions.com I'm a photographer that uses my website more for marketing than actually selling my services. I prefer to have clients reach out to me directly rather than book an appointment through my website. However, what I am looking for is a way to have clients write reviews for my services and post them directly onto a testimonials page on the website. I know I'm able to embed reviews from outside sources (Google, Yelp, etc.) but I'd much rather have a way for them to add the reviews straight onto the site, since that's what I advertise most. I also don't sell any products so I don't think Squarespace's Product Review function will be much help to me. I considered asking clients to just email me their reviews so I can post them in a blog-esque form, but that feels more disingenuous having the review go through me first rather than them being able to put it up themselves. Anyone have any ideas or ways they know of to accomplish this? Thanks! (If you have any notes on the website itself, I'll happily take those too!)
  6. Hello I'm a web designer coming from wordpress and saw there's demand for squarespace. I've designed some premade designs on here but I was wondering how you can store them long term? Now I have these templates I've made but it says the website trail will expire soon. Do I buy a membership to extend all of them or does it only extend one? I don't want to publish any of them with domain name. Thanks a lot
  7. My clients do not like to use technology, but I am trying to manage programs, passes and fees. I would like to move them from the subscribers profile to the member profile. How do I do this???
  8. Site URL: https://tiger-lobster-eas5.squarespace.com/home-2 Recently created this site in squarespace with lot of custom css and squarespace 7.1 fluid engine. Learnt and tried a lot of new things.
  9. Hi - does anyone know of any pre-made guides to provide clients after completion of their website. Instructions for updating pages, blogs, basic maintenance, etc. Would be a good tool like this for clients. Thanks in advance.
  10. Has anyone successfully imported Appointments when first migrating data into Scheduling - without having to merge client accounts? (Combine duplicate client profiles) I've checked the help. What I have found is that it shows up on the client account but you STILL have to combine the data. I have included all seperate fields to match the original account. I tested merging the account first and last name. Still same result. I also tested leaving fields off, like phone number. Our accounts have : first name, last name, email and phone. I am trying to avoid going into every single account to merge the data. HELP. OR do we not import the Client account data at all?? Doesn't make sense to me as the Client is the master data. TIA Jac
  11. I am getting started with acuity for my piano studio. I am using classes only and 5 students can sign up each class at a time! I manually scheduled all my summer times for my students. I am wondering if it is possible for parents to use the app to see appointments I have already made for them. Thanks!
  12. i need a lot of features, with database. A login, a custom checkout, Roles(client and partner) , subscription etc. What do u suggest is the best way to go? I see that is not enough what i have done in website? Are these possible to do?
  13. Hi Folks, I am looking into switching all of my scheduling over to squarespace, one on one sessions and events. I am wondering if it is possible to set my client booking limits to remain open for scheduling throughout the duration of my event. How do I do this? I know I need to set my classes to group one and have them be the only thing in group one so I can create a different set of limits for classes as opposed to sessions. Do I set it to 0 days in advance? set it to close based on number of attendees? and then go in after the event and close it out myself? Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Hello, I have a site still in design phase. I need to travel to a very remote area in Alaska to present it to a council for their blessing before I proceed further. Internet access at the village is often slow, spotty, or non-existent. Any idea how best to present the site to the group? Thanks, Suebob Davis
  15. Site URL: https://www.greengage.solutions/ I have created a forum with Muut and have managed to embed it into our website in our members area. I would like the option of a sso so users don't need to sign back in to the members area and than mutt to leave a comment on the forum. However on Muut it gives me Federated IDs and I cannot see anywhere where this can be inputted. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I run a spa business and online booking is now live. I only want to require deposits from new clients when booking themselves online, not returning clients. What are my options?
  17. Site URL: http://traceybugcop.com Hi all, If you are looking for a solution for working through changes with your clients. This is a great option. Your client can install the chrome extension and then point out changes they want in their designs. The changes go straight into Trello along with a screengrab, issue URL, css selectors, browser version, operating system and more. It stops clients sending confusing word documents and back and forth emails. I spent the last 5 years developing it and have just released a huge upgrade and I've just completed the new website (in Squarespace of course!) https://traceybugcop.com I forgot to mention it's completely free. Hope it helps you and I would love to hear any feedback or feature requests. Matt
  18. I'm a squarespace developer and clients came to me asking to create a site similar to Squarespace.com. I said that Squarespace.com is not done on Squarespace and to make squarespace site look like Squarespace.com requires a lot of custom code. But recently i've read this on squarespace help page: "For example, our own website is a Squarespace site, and it’s served from the same infrastructure we provide to our customers." Source. Wow. Really a Squarespace site?
  19. Hi, how can I let a client add his reference personally on my website? Is it possible, or do I have to rewrite his reference by my own? Thank you in advance for your help. Jasminp
  20. Site URL: http://www.southerncross.me Hi , I hope you are well. I am wondering if Squarespace has a strategy to be carbon neutral . I am thinking of adding a disclaimer to my site about environment and health and stewardship of the earth and wonder if Squarespace is involved in any initiatives ? Best, Malcolm
  21. Site URL: https://www.maywebdesign.com I am getting ready to set up a website for a nonprofit. They would like a client portal extension. What extension is the easiest to use with Squarespace? Any advice is appreciated.
  22. Hello, I am teaching virtual cocktail classes and participants have the option to: Sign up solely for the class Sign up for the class + an ingredient kit, and/or Sign up for the class + bar tool set I believed 'create service product' was the best option however, there's not an option for a shipping address if they decide to add on one of the two (2) upgraded packages. Thank you.
  23. I'm trying to figure out how I can be notified when a client hasn't scheduled an appointment in a specified time frame (say six months). I know I can send out automated reminder emails from Acuity. But, I'd like to personalize each one. So, I'd prefer either being able to run a report in Acuity or to get a notification maybe from a CRM like Hubspot. Any ideas? Thanks!
  24. Hi! When my clients book an appointment through the acuity scheduling tool, the confirmation email gives them an option to add it to their Google calendar. However, when they reschedule or cancel it (through the scheduling tool or through a button in the confirmation email), the appointment gets updated in acuity, but their google calendar does not change and the original booking stays there. Would anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks!
  25. I'm building an e-store for a client. Is there a simple way for me to connect their stripe account to their store? Stripe says that the business owner or someone who helps manage the business needs to set it up... But it feels clunky to make them an owner/contributor of the site and then walk them through connecting their stripe. Any suggestions?
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