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  1. I only am using Embed or Code blocks not Video Blocks because Video Blocks do not start at the video at the beginning instead it starts them a few frames after the beginning. Thanks for your response, but since I am not using Video Blocks the "Show options" link is not offered. Any other solutions?
  2. I am hosting my videos on Vimeo because they start faster than when hosted on Squarespace. When they were hosted on Squarespace they only started when I scrolled over them which I want. On Vimeo you can't do this as they all start immediately. Does anyone know how to make my videos that are hosted on Vimeo only begin to play when I scroll over them?
  3. There is a problem with some of the videos, there is a lag with the video showing up of a few seconds before they start autoplaying. Is putting a video on Squarespace media library the best way to do it? Should I host my videos on a different service?
  4. Thank you! When did they add this new feature? I had to write my own code and use either Code or Embed blocks to autoplay and loop. Can I ask one more question? How do I change the aspect ratio of my videos? When I hover over them most show a rectangular area filling in a gray vignette on the sides even though my video is square.
  5. I have a 32mb file that will not upload when I go to Custom CSS, Manage Custom Files, when I try to upload a 32mb mp4 file, it will not upload. The largest one I can upload is 12mb. I have to do it this way because I must autoplay and loop each video on my site. To accomplish this, I add an embed or code block, add the code snippet from what comes out of the Custom CSS and add other code to make it autoplay and loop. What is the largest file I can upload?
  6. How do you get my cell phone to autoplay my videos? It works on the desktop and an iPad, but not my iPhone 14. Here is my code I use in my Embed block. <center> <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="true" width="550" muted="muted" controls> <source src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/636d6fd9f542a10598b6bd24/t/63b7430ad3ac8054cc6b8e45/1672954637057/my_video_name.mp4" type="video/mp4"/> </video> </center>
  7. I can make numerous videos autoplay on my pages, but I can't upload any video larger than 12mb. How can I upload larger videos? I do not want to use YouTube or anything like that having names across my video. Here's what I do, but please tell me if you have a way to upload large videos. I go to Design, Custom CSS, Manage Custom Files, Upload (your video) Copy that code (I show it at bottom) Go to your page, create an Embed or Code block and paste that code you just copied, I did add some more code to make it work on all devices, not just my personal page. <center> <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="true" width="550" muted="muted" controls> <source src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/636d6fd9f542a10598b6bd24/t/63b7430ad3ac8054cc6b8e45/1672954637057/name_of _my_video.mp4" type="video/mp4"/> </video> </center>
  8. It looks like you figured out a way. Cool site by the way. I go to Design, Custom CSS, Manage Custom Files, Upload (your video) Copy that code Go to your page, create an Embed or Code block and paste that code you just copied You may have to add extra code to have it work on mobile devices not just your personal site My problem I am still having is I can only upload a video file that is under 12mb, any bigger and it won't load.
  9. Thanks you Soo!!! Adding muted="muted" made it work on my public site, even though my videos have no sound.
  10. Thank you for the reply. It turns out it was a problem on Squarespace's end. They did some reset and now it works.
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