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  1. I am also receiving this error message on my event items when I go to edit the details of an event button. The formatting does not appear correctly while I am editing in the details window but it is appearing correctly when I view it on the web or via mobile. I haven't made any changes to the CSS in months and am not sure why this is popping up now.
  2. Site URL: https://www.firstblessing.org/2022-events-1 I've managed to get "buttons" on my event items in the event summary block and it looks great on desktop. However, on mobile (cellphone) the button text is too long for the column container and therefore wraps to a second line. On tablet view the button text is overlapping each other. I used line-height to adjust the spacing on the cellphone mobile view so that it wouldn't overlap but I'm not loving that it looks like 2 separate boxes. Looking for a way to either make the 'button' to span the full width of the screen on mobile OR to make the background box look like a single box with text wrapped inside. This is the code I'm using right now: .summary-excerpt a { background-color: #333333 !important; color: white !important; font-size: 18pt; padding: 8px 10px; text-decoration: none; } @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .summary-excerpt a { font-size: 12px !important; line-height: 2.8 !important; }
  3. Tried that and it fixed the issue with the event item being in the header space. Is there a way to either change the font color specifically for event item pages or to change the color of the header background? As it is now, the navigation menu is still there but can't be seen because it's white font on a white header background.
  4. Site URL: https://www.firstblessing.org/2022-events/2022/6/25/west-university-church-of-christ-houston I have added the following CSS to remove banner images from my individual events. .collection-type-events.view-item .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { display: none; } However, it also changes the solid gray header background to white making it seem like my navigation menu has disappeared even though it hasn't. The event text is moved up into the header area - you can barely see the top of it overlaying the text "must be registered individually". Question is how do I modify the CSS to restore the solid gray header and move the event content down so you can see the navigation menu as shown on this page - https://www.firstblessing.org/2022-events
  5. Thanks @tuanphan! It would be preferable for the map block to be on the same page as the events because we wanted a quick "at-a-glance" type thing for people to see events in their area. Plus, that's also where people are registering for each event. I was hoping there was some way to code it into the existing event page. I will try it with a new page and see what my client thinks. Would you be able to help me with code to adjust font color/size of the event title/date/time in the summary block? https://www.firstblessing.org/new-page-1
  6. Site URL: https://www.firstblessing.org/2022-events My client is currently using an events page on a Squarespace 7.0 site. It is the Bedford template so it doesn't allow me to add any other blocks because it doesn't have any of the usual insertion points. They would like to utilize the Advanced Map Block plugin to show a map of the different locations for their events on the events page. Is this something that can be accomplished with CSS code or Javascript?
  7. Site URL: https://www.firstblessing.org/2022-events I'm currently using an Events page on the Bedford template and would like the option to add text to the top of the page (above the first event) to remind people to verify they are registering for the correct event but I don't have the option to add any of the usual blocks as none of the usual insertion points are present. I would also like to add a search box so people can search events based on location but again - no insertion points. Is there CSS code that I can use on this page for these options?
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