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  1. Site URL: https://www.vectorministries.org Hi, I use Acuity for scheduling and just signed up for SquareSpace email marketing. Unfortunately, I don't see anyway to automatically add my new Acuity clients to my existing SQSP email list. How do integrate these two?
  2. I'm having the same issue. I use Acuity and have SQSP site. I'd like my client's email address to auto import into my SQSP email list. How do I do this?
  3. Here's the codes I used, in case anyone else is interested in this thread: // Hide Add to Cart button when product is out of stock .sold-out .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button { display: none; } /* hide sold out text */ .product-mark.sold-out { display: none !important; }
  4. Yes, I think I did! I found a code snippet to hide the button when out of stock. And then I added another code to hide the out of stock banner. So, I think that solves it. Thank you!
  5. here's the link for a book on my site that I would like to remove the add to cart button from: War Stories: Spiritual Warfare & the Toxic Narratives that Sabotage Your Life — Vector Ministries: Your Source for Soul Care
  6. Hi, I want to remove the add to cart button from one product page. Or, even better, I would like to have the button link to my book on Amazon (it's a self-published book available print on demand). I've tried adding code to the shop header but it's not working. Can you help please?
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