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  1. Yes I noticed that static heights only work with certain screen size and window size so I'll try to make the descriptions similar in length. Thanks so much!
  2. I intentionally added those paragraphs for tests. Let's say each list item had different length content like in those, is there a way to make them all equal the height of the longest card?? Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it Edit: I published the page I was trying to mirror with this example. here is the link. For the senior team members I would like for all of their cards to be the same height, but the different length bios make them uneven. https://www.bronzeville-foundation.com/team
  3. Hello, thanks a lot this definitely helps. But there's one more hiccup, Before I was able to lock them all to be the same height, but now it seems that they're different heights from one another. How can I make sure they stay at the same height as each other? Thanks again
  4. Site URL: https://www.bronzeville-foundation.com/forum-example password to enter site page: bronzeville Hello, If you see the example on the site I linked, I have 4 elements in a simple list which is 3 per row. The 4th list item is aligned to the left. Is there any way I can center this 4th item. Or for example, if I had 5 items, could I center those two? Thanks.
  5. Hello, following up with another question here – I'm wondering how I can use CSS to center certain items in my simple list. I have 4 team members, but only 3 per row, how can I center the 4th member site url: https://www.bronzeville-foundation.com/team
  6. Hello, this works in terms of offsetting, but now my anchor links wont scroll smoothly
  7. Yes, sorry I don't mean to waste your time. I appreciate your help and quick responses today
  8. <style> .header-title-logo a { content: url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6007b46ff931384d59d4f326/t/607a54f4c6223e23c5be2a39/1618629876903/WHITE+SITE+LOGO.PNGhttps://static1.squarespace.com/static/6007b46ff931384d59d4f326/t/607a54f4c6223e23c5be2a39/1618629876903/WHITE+SITE+LOGO.PNG"); } </style> I inserted this into the home page's custom code and it changed the logo for the Home Screen only so it worked. My only other concern is how to get this panel to be the bronze color (#BC308F) on the home page only. Right now it looks like the picture I attached and you can't see the options when you hover over About Us
  9. Ok done. Side question, when I hover over about us, the panel background is white, is there any way I can change this to bronze (#BC380F) only on the homepage?
  10. Great! This works, now my next step is to have a separate logo for the home page (white) and for all other pages I want the bronze colored logo. Can you list the steps for that? Thanks in advance
  11. Okay, in the editor window this does the trick and it shows the header as transparent but when I load the site through its url it looks white still.
  12. Site URL: https://www.bronzeville-foundation.com Hello, I'm trying to do the following only on the front/home page: 1. Make my header background transparent 2. Make the color of the links and elements white 3. Use a different logo The attached picture is an example of what I'm going for, but when I go to my other pages you can't see anything since my pages are white and so are the links/logo.
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