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  1. I actually don't know the difference... From the Team page I did Settings-->Advanced-->Code injection and put that in the header
  2. Thanks for your response @creedon! I am completely unfamiliar with Javascript... Do you happen to know the code/functions I would use, or have an idea of where I could learn? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, When inserting an element (a button in this case) into squarespace using HTML in a code block, should I give it a unique element ID? If so, are there any requirements/best practices for creating the unique ID? Thanks!
  4. Hey @tuanphan, I was able to piece this code for the header injection together: <style> .user-items-list-simple { justify-content: center; display: flex !important; flex: 1 1 0px flex-flow: row nowrap; } </style> <style> .list-item { display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; flex: 1 1 0px; max-width: 15%; height: auto; margin: 0 auto; </style> It's working for the team page, but is there a way to target it specifically to that page or list sections with those characteristics? E.g., only list sections that don't include a button/list items that include the button "Read Bio"? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to target code injections so they only run if certain conditions are true? For example, I pieced together this code for centering list items: <style> .user-items-list-simple { justify-content: center; display: flex !important; flex: 1 1 0px flex-flow: row nowrap; } </style> <style> .list-item { display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; flex: 1 1 0px; max-width: 15%; height: auto; margin: 0 auto; </style> But would like it to only target either lists without a button, or only list items with a button that says "Read Bio". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. I'm trying to target specific list items (with cards) for color changes. I was able to make it work once using this code in Custom CSS: #yui_3_17_2_1_1632946292246_406 [data-is-card-enabled="true"] {background-color: #23479f} but later discovered that #yui codes change every time the page is refreshed. I also haven't been able to change anything but the border color, using this code at the moment: .list-item:nth-child(3) [data-is-card-enabled="true"] {border:5px solid darkblue} Which 1) changes the border instead of the background-color, and 2) changes every list on the site instead of just one. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S. The site currently is not approved for public view, but I can remove some elements and give the URL if necessary. Thanks again!
  7. This worked great, thanks! However, is there a way to control the width of the search bar so that it doesn't push the header navigation links to two rows? Edited to add: Nevermind. Just changed flex-basis to 40% and it worked. Thanks so much again!
  8. This was exactly the problem. Thanks so much!
  9. Hey @bangank36 Sorry, should have specified! I'm trying out 2 options for different possible layouts. The lightboxes are on the "Specialties pop out" page.
  10. Site URL: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ Site password is 1234 Hi all, I'd like to add scientific articles (Just title, citation, abstract, and link) to our site. Is there any way to add automatic pagination to a specific page, so that when a certain page length is hit it moves the last item or so to a "Next" page, which moves its last item or so to the subsequent page, and so on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ Hi all! Site password is 1234 Using the Team 2 page layout, I'd like to center the items within each list section while retaining the Max Columns value. I've tried using different design options and using this code in Custom CSS: .user-items-list-simple { justify-content: center; display: flex !important; } All with no luck thus far. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ Right now I'm using this code injection in the header: <link href="//cdn.rawgit.com/noelboss/featherlight/1.4.0/release/featherlight.min.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /> <script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script> <script src="//cdn.rawgit.com/noelboss/featherlight/1.4.0/release/featherlight.min.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script></link> And this code in the code block: <a href="#" data-featherlight="#popPK-service"> <h2> Population pharmacokinetics </h2> <p2> Any more info here</p2> </h2> <div style="display:none;"> <div id="popPK-service"> <h2 style="font-size:36px;"> Population Pharmacokinetics </h2> <p style="font-size:18px;"> • Derivation of pooled analysis-ready datasets and exploratory tabular and graphical analysis </p> </div> </div> However, only three of the five pop-ups work, with the remaining two opening a small, empty square. Is this a problem with the code injection? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Site: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ Password is 1234 Thanks!
  13. Hey @tuanphan Sorry, just saw this! site: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ The password is 1234
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