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  1. Site URL: https://bisourouen.fr (password: lachose) Hi, I'm using anchor links on all my pages, but due to the header/nav bar being fixed, the top part of any page (from where anchor link jumps to) is hidden beneath the header/nav bar. So I would like any anchor links to point to the top of any page. I'm using anchor links like this: url with # to the slug url of any page. Any suggestions for how to change this please? Website isn't public yet and using the Version 7.0- famille Brine (template Basilic). Thanks
  2. Hello, I putted this in the header injection code section, and my custom css is header.Header.Header--bottom.Header--overlay { position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; } /* set background */ .tuan { background: white !important; } /* set font color */ .tuan * { color: black !important; } but as you can see, that doesn't work properly... a lot of bugs... Site URL: https://bisourouen.squarespace.com/ Website Password: lachose
  3. Not at all... You don't see it doesn't work? 😕
  4. That doesn't work properly, please check the website: https://bisourouen.squarespace.com/ Website Password: lachose
  5. Thank you, it works, but how could it be possible to make the sticky menu with a white background, black font and little bit smaller than the "normal" menu?
  6. Site URL: https://bisourouen.squarespace.com/ Website Password: lachose hey there, I would like to know how to add a sticky menu to the Basil template with CSS/PHP Could you help me?
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