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  1. Nice website, and great job with your products!🌟

    I don't have a lot of improvements as I think the site looks good, but have you thought about making a more personal logo? There are tools online you can use, just search for "Logo maker". I know Squarespace have a logo maker too that you could try.

    Regarding the table I'm not fully sure what you mean.

    Good luck!

  2. The website looks nice in general!👍

    Here are a few improvements:

    1. The size of some elements seems to be off. I would reduce the size of the h1 and the header logo, and slightly increase the size of the normal paragraph text.
    2. Nature images looks very nice, however, they don't reflect your business very well. For example, use some images of you making websites, or images with more people in it. 
  3. Love the art, looks amazing! 😀

    I also think you did a good job with the website, it just needs a few tweaks:

    1. The header is too big - if you decrease the height by half, the subheader will not be a problem anymore.
    2. I like that you show the art directly on the home page. Maybe you could tell a bit more about you on the home page too, at the bottom?

    Good luck!


  4. Good work with your website @alexrose, I like it!😊

    The basics are done right, and I don't see any big improvements for it.

    One thing you could do is to add some examples to the packages on your services-page. Like images on a Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Social Media Profile Logos, Colour Palette, etc.

    Good luck with your project!

  5. Good job @designer-rich! I got a good first impression with the clear message you sent in the hero-image (start image)😊

    Here are two improvements:

    1. Make the texts a bit smaller to improve readability. On my 13-inch MacBook the text and headings are too big.
    2. A good design improvement for the homepage: Instead of having a blue background behind the headings and white behind the paragraphs, use the blue background for both of them. Then use white background for both the second heading and second paragraph. Doing this way, the sections will be better grouped together. And look better.

    Good luck!

  6. Experiencing the same as described, with very low mobile scores on PageSpeed/Lighthouse (typically around 30/100). Following this.

    Do anyone know if Squarespace have answered this issue anywhere?

  7. Hey @traceyn

    I tested your website from my phone, here are two things you can do to make it better:

    1. Change the light greenish background color to something that fit your headings better. For example a light purple or light brownish purple.

    2. Make the intro image (hero image) smaller. Right now it is L height. M or S is better for readability.

    Good luck with your project!😊

  8. Good job with the site, I like it!😃

    I agree with much of what David said, what I can add (he might have said it, didn't watch the whole video):

    1. "Take Your Business To New Heights" is good, but it's also generic - many sites use it. It would be good if you could be just a bit more specific. A solution could be to add a sentence underneath where you are more specific.
    2. Use a thinner underline on the h1-headings.


  9. Nice vacation properties you have @sullisnyc 😊

    I don't think you need to change template. It would be nice to hear more in det what they meant with the feedback "difficult to navigate".

    Regarding viewing the photos, I have a better/easier solution: Make all photos visible to that the visitor can scroll them instead of clicking around. If you think the page gets too long, you can split the gallery in to two columns and use the Lightbox option instead. This will make the viewing more pleasing 👍

  10. Good job @Rainmaker (hehe, nice name)! Especially for being your first website! I like that it feels so "light".

    A few improvements:

    1. Definitely agree with adding a short video introduction, good idea.
    2. The fonts and font sizes are good I think. However, would be nice if the "KEYNOTE SPEAKER - ONLINE EDUCATION..." at the bottom had smaller spacing (more normal spacing). It would increase readability.
    3. It would be nice to have another photo. Maybe if you add the video, you can use the photo of you a bit further down in the text.

    Good luck with your consulting business!😊


  11. Good work with your website @fairyjobmother, especially if this is your first!😊

    Sizing, structure and layout looks professional.

    One thing I would improve is the contrast of the colors. Right now it looks esthetically good, but to increase readability it would be good if they had more contrast. What you should do is to make the dark text a little bit darker and the blue backgrounds a bit lighter.

    Good luck!

  12. @nw7063 Love your website and product! Looks great😃 Also images, colors and logo looks very professional.


    Here are a few (small) things to improve:

    1. The overall sizing of the fonts is a bit too big. I would reduce it.
    2. The nav falls into two lines (see below above). A solution is to remove "Home" from the navigation, as I don't think it is needed anyways.
    3. Don't use very wide text blocks like the text "At Soul Fruit healthy snacking is...". Put a spacer on each side instead. TO increase readability.
    4. On Our Story "WE’RE NAT & DAN..." on this block, use bigger margins (height) and it will look better.. Right now the margin is too narrow.

    I wish you the very best with your project!👍

  13. @Denise_Earth_SQL Your website looks great for the most part!

    Here are a few things you can improve:

    1. The hero image (start image) looks a bit weird to me. It is like you are showing two logos. What you can do: Remove the logo from the image, and use the image as a large background instead, where you put the "Expert database management..." - content on top.
    2. Remove "HOME" button from the navigation. It will only confuse.

    Good luck 🙂

  14. The website loaded quite fast for me, and I like your experimenting with gifs😊

    However, I find it hard to understand what the website do and who it is for. "Latest Free to View Gigs and Who is Hiring for What" - Maybe it is because English isn't my primary language, but I find it hard to understand that text? Maybe you can add some short explanation to the top or bottom of your site to explain what it is.

    Good luck!

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