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  1. From my experience, Squarespace is the best choice for most websites. "Experts" usually like Wordpress due to its customization options (which is its biggest strength), and those people are often tech-savvy or have used the platform for a long time. 

    As a developer myself I still prefer Squarespace all day, as it is so much easier to maintain a website here. In Squarespace you have one platform for everything, where in Wordpress there are installations you have to make, plugins to connect, updates to maintain and domains to connect - it takes so much more effort to maintain a Wordpress website.

    To conclude: If you need much customization and have knowledge in the technology - choose Wordpress. For anyone else - choose Squarespace. However, this is just my experience, would be interesting to hear what others say😊

  2. I use a 24-inch.

    Squarespace scaling is good, but it does not scale down 1:1, so the website will not look the same way on a 13-inch and a 27-inch. Therefore I always recommend to make a website look a little bit too small on 27-inch and little bit too big on a 13-inch. Another tip is to find a few websites that you like and compare your site to theirs - and try to match your website size to theirs.

  3. Great question!

    For my website, I used only illustrations (not a single photo). Photos are great for setting the tone, but so are illustrations. They just have to fit your websites purpose.

    The advantage of just using illustrations is simply that it looks great! When done right. Below are some screenshots of one of my websites. What are your thought on just using illustrations?

    Full site here: sparkplugin.com


  4. Great website and nice to see another swede here!😊

    My first impression with the site was amazing, I really liked how you made the margins on the side so narrow, and hade the same width around every photo. I haven't seen a website have it like that before so it did an impression on me.

    Regarding improvements, I think it is a bit too simple (not the design, it is perfect) and I almost forgot the purpose of the site. A solution to this: Hide 70% of your photos. Then at the bottom of your page, add a "Show more" button and a contact form with a short introduction.

  5. Great job with your site! It is looking quite professional and most of the basics are done right I would say. 

    One feedback for improvement is that it takes quite some time to scroll through the website. This can be solved in a couple of ways, for example by making the elements and font a bit smaller. Or remove the full-width images and make every other text-block grey.

    Good luck!

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