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  1. Hey, I had the same problem! I'm not sure if that was the solution but I made e standard page with a member-registration button*, I didn't linked it in the navigation. Now I can log in with my mail address, before I set this page, I couldn't do anything after log in. Sorry I hope it's clear what I did and it helps you, I'm still a noob in squarespace. *sorry I'm not sure if it's the correct term, my settings are in german 🙂
  2. oh wow thank you so much for telling me. I checked the mobile version but not the tablet. thank you for the code!
  3. Site URL: https://groundhog-armadillo-88m5.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone! I have this website (https://groundhog-armadillo-88m5.squarespace.com/) with a member area (Interna). The member area is free, but not everyone should be able to create an account. There is a E-Mail list who receive the Link to subscribe: https://groundhog-armadillo-88m5.squarespace.com/mitgliederbereich My problem ist the "creat account" in the login section. Is there a way to hide this link? I hope it's clear what I mean.
  4. Site URL: https://tuatara-caribou-mnmm.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone! I'm working on a Site with a Brine-Template, it should have full-bleed images, thats why I set it with Index. But now it should have a Folder, and as we know, Folder and Index doesn't work together. Does anyone know who I can set full-bleed images with css? Or does any other template work better? I did a few websites with this template, so I am familiar with this one. The website is: https://tuatara-caribou-mnmm.squarespace.com/ and the password is: umoweb Thanks for your time!
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