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  1. Anyway, Squarespace is asking us an opinion about their payment methods. I suggest you all add this request in there, maybe after years of "we will suggest our team" they will actually listen
  2. Hey all, actually I am using Brine plugin so this should work fine... I think? But please, feel free to send here your website link and I'll have a look
  3. It's sort of a pain in the a**, but I've created an automatic discount of 1 cent for orders above 100€ (just to say) and I named it something like: "🎁 You'll get a FREE PRODUCT with this order". It sucks because I have to manage my inventory manually but at least it works. Anyway it's a shame, Squarespace Support keeps "reporting feature requests" to Developers but I haven't seen anything (serious) new in eCommerce feature... I've been using Squarespace since 2016. Like Cash on Delivery... unbelievable
  4. I'm afraid it can't be done with Squarespace
  5. By the way, may I ask why didn't you opted for a service like Peach's? It's built for Squarespace only and it could be cheaper too
  6. I suppose you've injected some code in the original order confirmation code. I think you could achieve your need inserting the snippet for ShareASale before the redirect script. In this page you can send order ID and even email address. I don't know, it's the first thing that came up my mind
  7. Hi there, I built a custom shop page using summary blocks and you can see it right here. I'm looking for a way to apply a filter (black and white) the product image when it has the "Out of Stock" label, in my website it says "Esaurito". Any idea? Remember these are summary blocks, not product page... if it makes any difference. Thanks to everyone!
  8. We've implemented a free gift wrapping option in the checkout with the possibility to write a custom message. We did it because many people won't have the possibility to give presents in person this year (in Italy at least). We said our gift options were free for the occasion, but to tell the truth it is the only way to do that as in Squarespace it's impossible to implement paid add-ons in the checkout. We changed our "Sale" label to "Black Friday" for the black friday sale week and we colored it black. That's mainly it, all with some Mailchimp newsletters
  9. Sorry @sstinus, I'm a little swamped right now (damn covid). As soon as I have some free time, I'll have a look to your website. Sorry
  10. I don't know, I suppose you can with some corrections
  11. Hey @SergioC, your website is so cool! So clean and elegant. Complimenti!
  12. I use Squarespace 7.0 with Brine template, I suppose you may have to change it a little bit in order to get it working on your site (don't know) So, this is the code snippet you have to put at the end of the product page (as a code block) in the rich content description <!-- Everything here is the upselling popup code, must be at the bottom of the product page! --> <!-- Product 1 > Product to Upsell --> <div style="display:none;"> <div id="upsell"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/fon
  13. Sure, just let me organize the code for you 😉
  14. I don't know how to help you with the counter, but you should definitely compress your images. Try out some free websites such as https://compressjpeg.com In my experience, slow-loading photos in e-commerce decrease conversions a lot!
  15. Delivery companies directly integrated to an e-commerce? Sounds new to me. Anyway, you can check out some of their extensions (like Shipstation and all) but I would recommend to use the order export from the Orders panel of Squarespace. It will generate a .csv file with all the pending orders. Then, I'd use Excel to manipulate the file in order to make it compliant to the rules of the carrier. Btw I've created myself a solution for generating .csv files automatically using Squarespace API. When it's ready I may publish it (I've created it using Google Script)
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