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  1. BUMP BUMP BUMP Please can we get an update on this from an employee??
  2. Really disappointed not to have any progress on this three months on! I'm done with scheduling. Will switch to another integration. So rubbish.
  3. Actually, there's a problem with the overflow. It doesn't show for you as you won't be signed in, but there are screens in the app that scroll down and the content is cut off at the bottom. Any thoughts?
  4. Site URL: https://www.reelhires.com/app Hi! I essentially want a landing page for our app that is under the domain but apart from the rest of the website. The app is working successfully in the embed block but the block itself is in an odd position. I want to make it full-bleed or at least full page. I have tried CSS code to remove padding aimed at both the block and the section, but nothing happened, which makes me think part of the problem is targeting the embed block. Help!
  5. I'm trying to offer my clients the option to pay for a service upfront or in monthly instalments. Is it possible to only apply a subscription to a variant rather than the product as a whole?
  6. Also, it's a great extension - I'm just showing it some tough love!
  7. Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your help. I've sent the acuity developers an email also. I think the main point here is that not having a font size option in the basic plan is quite problematic in terms of accessibility. Given that this is such a key interactive element in any website, it's really an oversight I think. There is a lot of padding in the default design and therefore plenty of space to accommodate a larger font size. Let's see what we can get done! Frances
  8. I understand the need for different product tiers but paying an extra $30-40 just to alter a font size seems unreasonable, especially as this is an accessibility issue that should have been considered when the block was designed. Some of text is also cut off in the drop down menu field. Is there a way to work with the Scheduling developers to address this? I have no other design requests other than the font should meet accessibility criteria and not be inherently obscured.
  9. It's not a specific problem though, can you just make some suggestions? I'd rather not make the website available to anyone just yet as it is proprietary info
  10. www.reelhires.com - but not published yet
  11. I'm trying to edit the font size and general style of the scheduling block. I've tried doing this by referencing the block id in the Custom CSS panel and then adding code, as per this article https://www.kayleighnoele.com/blog/how-to-target-edit-and-apply-css-to-a-specific-block-on-squarespace but it's not working. Any suggestions as to how I target the scheduling block for CSS?
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