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  1. Site URL: https://www.edxulondon.com/shop Hi All, I used custom CSS code to make the product title on shop page to split into 2 lines and in 2 different font style and size (by adding "|' between the 1st and 2nd lines, example: 'TEARS EMERALD RING | Gold Vermeil & Rhodium Plated Silver'). On the desktop version it shows perfectly. But on the mobile version, because I am using 2 items per row, there aren't enough space for the 1st line, so some of the words before '|' and should be in 1st line's font and size falls into the second line and follow the 2nd line' font and size. How can I change this and make everything following the desktop version on mobile? Thank you so much in advance for any advice and help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.edxulondon.com Hi All, Is there any clean and simple multi-currencies plug-in for Squarespace 7.1 site? Like a dropdown menu on header or on footer? Or automatically convert to user's preferable currency? I know that SF Digital (https://sf.digital/squarespace-multicurrency) offer this plug-in, which is exactly what I am after, but it is only compatible for 7.0 site. Example of what I am after, see attached photo. Really appreciate if anyone can help!
  3. Site URL: https://www.edxulondon.com/shop For some reason, the prices of the products are not showing on the shop page. Could anyone advise how to turn the prices back on? Really appreciate it. Link to page: https://www.edxulondon.com/shop
  4. Hi Paul, I actually amended the css code and sorted everything. Thanks again for your article and help, it was really helpful!
  5. They are actually not right, as they are both in the Header font and I just adjusted the size. If you look at the mobile version, the size is completely wrong. Attaching A H4 & P3 title/description sample, on page: https://www.edxulondon.com/reimagine/#past-designs So I am wondering whether you are able to fix the code? Thanks again in advance!
  6. Hi Paul, I managed to make the line split into two. Thank god. But I am having some troubles styling them. I want the larger line in H4 and the smaller line in P3. I could not get it right, would you mind taking a look and see what I have done wrong? https://www.edxulondon.com/shop
  7. Hi Creedon, Thanks for getting back to me, you are right! I am so sorry, I completely miss that and put in the wrong place. So the code does work, but now on my main product list page, it also shows 5 items per row, which is very tight. Could we change it back to 4 rows on the main product list page but keeping 5 for the related products? Sorry for all these questions, I really appreciate your help!
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it says 'Syntax error on line' after i put in the codes, and all my other CSS code became invalid. Any advice?
  9. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. I made the additional changes on the codes for the code injection section. But the line still doesn't split. Any advice?
  10. Hi Paul, I have been trying your method to do this but it doesn't seem to be working on my website. I want to use H4 style for the bigger line and P3 style for the 2nd and smaller line. Are you able to help? https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1
  11. Thanks! Silly me, didn't notice I could change it there. I have another question and i am wondering whether you can help? I am using a 7.1 site, so I can't adjust how many related products to show per row. I want to show 5 products but on the same row, are you able to help? https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1/p/fang-ring
  12. Site URL: https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1 I am trying to figure out how to show 2 items per row for my online store on mobile device. I tried the codes from other posts but they didn't work and they broke my mega menu plugin (CSS code). Is someone able to help? https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1 Many thanks in advance!
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