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  1. Thank you so much, that is mega helpful! Can I ask you, is there a way of making the transition when the accordion opens up smoother in any way, so that the box slides open rather than just jumps? (Using the CSS method) Thanks so much! ☺️
  2. Hi @SquareStudio - your accordion looks great - can I ask if it works with the Basic plan of Squarespace? Can I inject the code in markdown? Thanks!
  3. Hi there, what a great thread to find! I have an additional question that I don't think has been answered. Is there a way of adding a separation line between each dropdown item and/or increasing the (vertical) space between the items a bit, so it's clear that they are separate items? Thank you!
  4. Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me with a little bit of code too for my shopping cart? The shopping cart seems to use my "Accent Dark" colour theme, but I want it to be my "White minimal" theme if that's possible, or at least be able to change the background colour and font colours to a custom hex code. @tuanphan Could you kindly help? Thanks so much! http://ouryard.squarespace.com Password: garden
  5. I can't believe this is not a feature. I accidentally uploaded a non-relevant screenshot (when selecting multiple images for a gallery) , that I absolutely don't want my clients to have in the library of their shiny new website and cannot believe that the only way of not handing over this random image (along with all the wrongly sized test images I used along the way) is to start a whole new website. How has this not been solved yet?
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